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News Magic Kingdom and Epcot Fireworks to Resume July 1st


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HEA was confirmed today starting July 1st.
I know; I must have misunderstood and thought MK and EPCOT park hours have been extended at this point with HEA and EF.
I appreciate your help!


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MK is sold out for the 1st again. So whatever the increase was, it sure as heck wasn’t 100%. It lasted 90 minutes though! It wasn’t small!
They never increase more than 5%. This was probably less. Just a bit for the people who called in complaining. Now they had their shot. 4th gone for MK, too. It was clearly a pretty small increase. As always, I am thankful to the watchful eyes on these boards.
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Probably busier. Pent-up demand and all. The 4th weekend/week is normally crazypants but will be especially so this year.
No. They are putting a lid on attendance. Look at the ride lines today, now that the rides are at 100%. It won’t be awful. Should be the most pleasant July 4 in a long time. No 2 hours for PeopleMover. They aren’t allowing it.

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