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I'm just gonna wait until everything is said and done......


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IF DVC lets us keep banking points because we don't want to come during all these restrictions and limitations we will have enough points to actually spend an entire vacation in a grand villa at BLT instead of just a 1br. It would just be fun to do for one trip I think and especially if points were gonna expire anyway.


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Disney pricing was spiraling out of control....any pause in increases serves a a “reset” that needs to happen once or twice a decade to maintain and semblance of Value for what everyone pays...

If the “re-depression” of the early 2020’s manages to do that - it’s actually beneficial to everyone. That is a “bright side” - potentially.
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Absolutely not. People were being extra cautious and hygenic during the SARS outbreak several years ago and that fizzled out pretty quickly when the threat diminished.

Generally, most suffer with very short attention spans. Once we're a year or two out of this mess, most will struggle to even remember it happened.


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I confess I am an optimist. On the bright side... by our past trip being cancelled by Covid and having to rebook for 2021 is that we decided to upgrade to the Contemp. which gives us a better sized room with added plusses. We get to add more $$ on the Disney rewards card. My DS gets to add a couple of more days onto his trip because of work scheduling. We save more $$ to add in more extras. Its possible some things in construction now may be completing ( I know thats a long shot ). And maybe when we go, the parks will still have less crowds to manage around.

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