Rumor Lion King Flume Ride being considered for Animal Kingdom


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Soarin' Over "Two Brothers" confirmed!
Me during The American Adventure every time.

Meanwhile, my family



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I'm confused as to why Paris's attraction wouldn't fit? From a quick glance at Google Maps, it looks like there's plenty of room to expand if they relocate a few back of house things (possibly including the waterway)?
Google Maps doesn’t show the Club 33 building.

Though I’m sure they could technically fit the Paris ride there if they really wanted to, but it would require a lot of moving things around that would make this project a lot less appealing to the powers that be.

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Spitballing, white boarding, speculate, envision, dream up, conceive, brainstorm, cook up

blue-sky adj.
1. Not limited by conventional notions of what is practical or feasible; imaginative or visionary: "Proponents of blue-sky thinking often cite the Wright brothers as validation" (David Colman).
Thank you so much! Reminded me of Blue Sky Studios, part of 20th Century Animation that was aquired by Disney in 2019.
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I should interject. This might not be a clone of the Paris project, rather a plan previously designed specifically for AK. I imagine we will see shared efforts in character manufacturing, but there's a good chance this is a smaller-scale, traditional flume.
Thinking about this again, would this imply that the AK idea came first, and the Paris project is an expanded version of this one?


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Thinking about this again, would this imply that the AK idea came first, and the Paris project is an expanded version of this one?
The AK project does predate Paris by a good bit, but aside from using the same IP they are different exercises (and best I can tell by different teams).

Should this go forward - something that must be emphasized because there are many more projects under development than will ultimately find a home and a budget - I assume they will find areas of convergence between the two even if both versions of the attraction are deployed into their intended, respective parks.


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Stuff is coming. The bean counters will decide how much. Personally the paid fastpass experience of the US parks has soiled my interest in them.

Of course (I haven't been since Genie+/ILL was implemented, and don't know when I will) -- just remembered that in the past you were pretty disinterested/disliked what they were planning to do from an expansion/retheme standpoint too.

I'm hoping this means their current plans are actually pretty good, for the most part (I'm sure there are exceptions).

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