Levi's Store announced for Disney Springs this summer


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So then having the Levis store in DS does nothing for you, and that's perfectly fine. You don't need to visit. However, there are still millions of people visiting there that DON"T have a Levi's store close by that may want to visit. Not every single new store in DS will appeal to everyone. Heck, we don't even go into ANY non-Disney stores there as they simply don't have any appeal to us, but I am fine if they offer other options for other people.

I also didn't say the Levi store in DS won't appeal to me :)

I may look in, but as the $-£ rate has dropped to $1.29 I'm less likely to purchase.

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Thank you sir. You were an inspiration.
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And in some countries, the difference can be literally hundreds of dollars. You need to stop thinking of the UK as the center of the universe.

Edit to add: A quick check shows 26 countries where the price of an iPhone is more than the US price. None are less. 26 is a lot of tourists.
I think you will find the center of the Universe is actually a small island located 49.4657° N, 2.5853° W

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