Les Parfaits Inconnus circus troupe coming to Epcot's Canada Pavilion


Well, cut the first three minutes and take the best parts of the last 17 minutes, compress it down to 5 minutes, and you might have something that will keep people from walking by. How is it that this stage hasn't been replaced with a kiosk that sells cheese soup yet?


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This looks fun. I hope they're still around in early September during my visit.
If not, something else new & fresh should be appearing.
And with all due respect, as long as it's not the same overrated, kilt wearing retreads that haunted this pavilion for years, I'll be fine.


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Off Kilter doesn't want to be a theme park band anymore. They perform all over the country now and have a new album that is coming out.
Ah right, fair enough. You'd think that Disney would have retained the name though - must be enough decent musicians around that they could recreate the same sort of band.


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I think this is a good act to have in Canada. They do have different shows they perform, and I could easily watch them for 20 minutes. For those 'haters' (I'm not fond of the term, but you know what I mean) out there, I don't see how this is any 'less entertaining' than 'Serveur Amusant' in France, 'Sergio' in Italy, 'The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats' in China, or much of the present and recently departed entertainment that World Showcase has had for many years.


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DW left the room during the bag on head start. I had to call her back in to watch some of the scenes later. It's certainly not the acrobatic show I was expecting. Ho Hum. I expect it to be replaced after a brief run. Unless it gets more thrilling than this.

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