Les Parfaits Inconnus circus troupe coming to Epcot's Canada Pavilion


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looks a lot more fun then what has been there. Any idea on how long they are contracted for? Hoping they make it to August.

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This looks great! But I'm surprised at how short Alberta Bound lasted at Epcot. Was it even a month?

It was stated from the beginning it would be a short run. It was established musicians / alumni from other groups helping fill the gap before the next contract group showed up. Rumor has it though that Alberta Bound was better received than either of the two previous contract groups, so it may not be the last time we see them.


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This is a great find! This troupe is very good. They have been performing around the world since 2006, and have been well received.Although several years old, here is a review from Washington that is typical of the reviews they receive.

"Les Parfaits Inconnus" is a quebecois group that performed at the Kennedy Center Open House. Theirs is a high energy act that combines some rock & roll music, some jazz music, lots of acrobatics, circus type stuff like juggling and balancing, and lots and lots of humor. Don't let the silly pictures fool you though, they are extremely talented and thoroughly entertaining."

Kennedy Center Open House
Arts Festival, october 2007
Washington DC


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"The Perfects"
Oh. I thought they meant less this -


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Looking forward to seeing their performance. The acrobatic show thats put on at China always enthralled me and there was always a crowd gathered to watch, so I think the show at Canada will attract guests too. Anything that showcases feats of strength, acrobatics, and comedy should be a winner. Hope they make a good impression and stay around for a while.

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