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Lasers back on in Dinosaur


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I didn't even know there were supposed to be laser effects! Hope they can keep them running long enough for us to see them next May. We never did get to see the Yeti before it broke.

It's kind of sad that our urgency to get to WDW is not fueled purely by a desire to see what's new, because of its newness -- we're just in a hurry to get there and see new things before they break down forever! ;)


Original Poster
I hope it is true. Remember the Yeti working crap on twitter. I won't believe it without video or solid confirmation. I told those lazy butts to get things working on Dinosaur now that a new sheriff is in town.

It's DisneyHipsters, they're an established account as opposed to RandomEgg_143 or whoever it was last time.


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I almost had a heart attack from this news when I saw it......And then I saw the news came from twitter! ugh. I still am hoping for the best considering its my favorite ride! but its hard to believe twitter!


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Another false twitter report, i assume this is? Wonder if it was the same source as the yeti nonsense that was posted recently.

Any confirmation appreciated, but no reason to get excited. Given what Steve said, I'm doubtful this is true.


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I've never heard of this person before. But I will warn that people agreeing with him doesn't mean anything, there were several people on this site "confirming" the yeti was working the other day when that twit posted about it.

Glad to be wrong as usual when there's broken effects that could be fixed, but i'm going to need more confirmation than just some dude on twitter. I'm guessing that reinstating lasers that were physically removed is a little more of a chore than just replacing some bulb or whatever. I guess it's possible this could have been done overnight or something, but i'm still skeptical until we get more concrete information and evidence.

At this point though, i'd like nothing more than to be wrong about things like this. It gives me no pleasure at all to live in an age where we're always wired to expect and assume the worst from Disney World and that people on Twitter are just screwing with the emotions of actual fans. It's a sad state of affairs when things like this aren't just assumed to be true. I can't tell you how relieved and happy I would be if this trend started to die.

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