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Landscaping Downgrades at WDW


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Or am I missing the Walt Disney quote “well we took away the elephants but we added the hippos so guests shouldn’t complain”
I believe the quote is “you can’t follow pigs with pigs… because pork is expensive. Put the oinkers behind a paywall and sell some exclusive wolf merch.”


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The serpent is still there to the best of my knowledge. I’m not going to MK for at least a few days, but if you look on Google Maps that one is still in its place.
View attachment 754770
(Just wanted to point that out because it is a pretty cool topiary and might be hard to see when walking over the bridge, but nice nonetheless)
Speaking of the serpent, looks like they recently fixed the effect on it


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Whoa!!!!! I never knew that effect was even broken cause I never saw it work.

Can we promote the topiary and muppets maintenance team to Everest and Rise of the Resistance please!?

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