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thinking of doing another trip this August, when of course it will be Africa, surface of the sun hot. Do you guys do makeup in the parks when it's this hot.
I've done it before but by the end of 3 hours, I've wiped most of it off.
Any good foundation or powder tips? brands that you think work well.

I am blessed in that I have very "normal" skin so I don't necessarily need any thing that is for sensitive skin.


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I only go with sunblock, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick or lip gloss. Only crazy people wear foundation during the summer.

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Get a setting spray!! I find that even in the heat, if I use a setting spray my makeup will last forever. Don't let people scare you away from wearing makeup ;)

Personally, I itch when I wear most foundations, but the one I have used in the past is L'oreal Pro Glow. I use just enough to make my skin look "better" but not enough to wear I feel cakey. Honestly, if you just use a minimal amount, you can do a thin layer and not have cake face.

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I always wear a little Almay foundation, Mary Kay blush, and eyeliner if I'm going out (except to work out which is the only time I leave the house without the foregoing makeup). Never a problem even if I sweat.

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I use Clinique concealer for under the eyes, and a light dusting of Clinique powder. No mascara or lipstick for me.
Even with this minimal amount of makeup, it wears off quickly. But I feel less like a raccoon for a little while:)


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I use a foundation with SPF and generic powder no melting issues. Water proof mascara and eyeliner. And I add little eyeshadow (neutral just to hide how red my eyelids get)and revlon 24 hour lipstick. Nothing crazy heavy since it's hot and rain happens. Always holds up fine for me.


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Sunscreen with 30 spf and very little make up for me when it’s that hot. Usually mascara, a little powder and lip color. If I accidentally have a tan little or no blush.


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I do wear foundation in the summer but it's the lightweight 24 hour type that has SPF along with some powder, waterproof eyeliner, and 24 hour lipstick (with using chapstick to moisturize throughout the day). It's lasted me all day on multiple trips. Nothing cakey that is easily melted off. I have to avoid mascara completely because it does start to irritate my eyes and I find myself touching my eyes more often - which is something I don't want to do at WDW!


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I wear mineral makeup. I typically wear Bare Minerals powder foundation in the summer. I live where it is hot and humid. The only issues I ever have are if I apply it too heavily. Just a light application, and I am good for the day. Blotting papers work wonders too!

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I use IT Cosmetic's Your Skin But Better CC+ cream.

It has SPF 50 and it's not a true foundation, but I like how it performs.

The downside is the shade range is limited and the lighter shades are for warmer toned skins. I have to doctor this product up a bit when when I use it, because I am cool toned and this can make me look slightly jaundiced.
Get a setting spray!! I find that even in the heat, if I use a setting spray my makeup will last forever. Don't let people scare you away from wearing makeup ;).

Both these (IT CC cream-I use this all year ‘round) plus setting spray or setting powder as others have said. Mascara with primer helps the mascara stay on (L’Oreal has a good primer); I like to use a MAC paint pot across my eyelids plus pencil eyeliner and that’ll keep on too.


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I highly recommend Ben Nye Final Seal setting spray. My make up lasts all day with no touch ups.


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I have extensive acne scarring, so I'm not comfortable going completely without makeup. I do, however, apply it with a VERY light hand when the weather is hot.

I wear CoverGirl/Olay AgeLess primer and light foundation (both contain sunscreen) and powder, with a little bit of eyeliner, waterproof mascara, shadow pencil, and tinted lip balm. It takes no more than 3 minutes to "put on my vacation face" in the morning, the primer helps everything wear well in heat and on wet rides, and I don't reapply anything but the lip balm all day. When in the restroom, I'll give my forehead, cheeks and nose a gentle blot with a clean paper towel to remove excess perspiration, but otherwise my makeup stays on well and I'm not much the worse for wear at the end of the day, no matter how hot it gets.
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You have time for make up before rope drop?!
I only go with sunscreen in the day ( Clarins factor 50+ for my face or I burn!) and then put some light make up on for evenings if we have nicer dinner reservations.


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I cannot count how many times I have brought makeup to Disney and never opened the case once. I’ve come to love not packing it and just enjoying the freedom of being makeup free for my vacay. Sunscreen is annoying enough, I can’t handle anything else on my face.


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I still wear a light foundation (it's got sunscreen so covers that!). Mascara, eyeliner. Just bring along those oil blotter sheets. They really work (even the generic).


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I use bare minerals tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 and eyeliner + mascara. I'll use a setting spray with SPF in it as well.
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