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Kilimanjaro Safaris to replace 'Little Red' scene with new savannah space


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So...yeah...by the way, it was never, to my knowledge, *officially* a two-week safari. All of the posters in the village refer to "day trips." As far as I know, it's something that evolved among the drivers. It's certainly not in the current script or Operating Guide (though 99% of the drivers say it).

As for the radio music thing, if there's a backup at Tilting Bridge, the music can go on for a while. It does eventually fade out on its own after about 3 minutes or so.
The two week thing was in the script in '99 as an alternate opening if there was a delay at the load dock.

How many trucks do they have now? How many are usually concurrently on the ride path during the busy times?


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As much of a critic of AK as I am, I can say this is a very positive change. Anything to see more animals and less schmaltz at AK is great by me.


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I never really cared much for the Little Red finale due to the fake looking animatronic compared to all the real animals, but I loved the resto of the story. So I really don't mind this change.


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a little late...but nice Walking Dead reference. You have good taste in television.

Yep. One great TV show.

Am watching another ... Once Upon a Time now on ABC.

I do wonder sometimes if the world would be better if we had a zombie apocolypse.

~Really, we need to import our actors too?~

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