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Kathleen Kennedy Emerges From Bunker to Name New SVP

Disney Irish

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Now granted, I'm not the end all be all and I'm just a small sample size. But I can say that the vast majority of people I know, family, friends, colleagues... came in on the didn't care for to just Meh side of the spectrum on last jedi. But everyone says they are looking forward to seeing how the saga ends. So unless the movie is just a complete abomination, it will do a nice box office. And I firmly believe that the "ruin Johnson" last jedi haters who said they will boycott ep9, will be first in line. No chance they miss the opportunity to either say in their youtube vids "see Disney killed star wars, it was terrible!" Or "see, we made a stand and Disney listened to us and fixed the problems!" I just think not a a lot of people will sit this one out. But as we talked about, the quality of 9 could impact the buy in on what's next.
I don't disagree, especially with the haters being first in line. Its the "they'll pump the cult of Abrams" theory as the only way it'll get over 1B of some around here that I have an issue with. Sorry but there aren't that many Abrams fans out there, if there were all his films would be doing over 1B. In fact its only been FA of his movies that have done over 1B, all the rest did under 500M except Mission Impossible doing 600M. So this idea of some around here that its gonna be this cultist Abrams fan base coming to push this thing over 1B is a false narrative.
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