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Just for fun.... You have the chance to work any job in WDW, what would you like to do??


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Any idea why it’s only for a year?,Is that so you don’t get stale? Complacent? Give out out-dated information....
It's simply because it is considered a huge honor to be chosen to facilitate a Disney right of passage. Anyone teaching it would not want to give it up there by not giving others the opportunity to experience it. I have found teaching at DU to be an incredible experience, as far as stale content, the script must be adhered to and changes are made as needed by the higher ups.


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This is really interesting! My reply was going to be 'Teaching Traditions'. I was a CM in Merchantainment at DAK and loved going through Traditions. My 'Day Job' has been a teacher for over a decade, so teaching Traditions would be my #1 'Dream Job'. Once that year is up, I'd have to pick another dream job, so I think I'd go with an Education role at DAK, interacting with animals and guests and hosting field trip groups, etc.
The cool part is you can have the best of both worlds. If you make the audition for "Traditions " you still stay in your regular role. Traditions is typically facilitated on Saturday and Sunday. So instead of scheduling you to your regular role you would be scheduled to DU on the day they want you to facilitate. I still maintain my role and get scheduled to DU in between.


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Not a cheap shot at all! I drive a bus route (not at Disney of course) and I know tons of stuff about the communities along my route. I certainly maintain a professional attitude and do not spread rumours. Doesn’t mean I don’t know everything. Being a bus driver at WDW would be challenging. It must the hardest job on property sometimes as guests are tired and or in a hurry. Bus drivers probably get a lot of frustration dumped on them. I still think it would be a great job.
It truly is a great job, but not without it's challenges. Yes we do get dumped on and that is a great source of frustration. But anyone who has experience working in customer service knows it goes with the territory. And you know that's going to happen before you ever get in the seat. I still wouldn't change a thing, I have to much fun, it's hard to even label it "a job"


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Counting all the money WDW takes in every day---- some body must do it
Once upon a time cash intake was high and there is actually a " money room " in the utilidors under MK with bill counting machines and coin counters. Nowadays with so many people using plastic that room is only occupied occasionally.


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This is why I decided against applying for the college program. It sounds great, but I know it would definitely change how I see the parks.
I hear what your saying but being a CM is truly a one of a kind experience. And it could change the way you see the parks but in many cases for the better. All I was saying earlier is yes many of these positions are dream jobs however they are still jobs. And some can be difficult if not impossible to get. And it's easy to get caught up in the dream without considering it's going to have similar challenges that all jobs do, and in the same breath offer experiences most jobs don't!
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I want to be the CM at the entrance to SW:GE with the body clicker, telling the next person they can't go in until somebody else comes out.


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I am a retired physician, I guess my skill set leans towards work in the first aid area, put band aids on boo-boos and stuff like that!
But, what I would really like to do is be a VIP tour guide, but ONLY for nice families that I get to hand pick.


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I'd like to be either an engineer on the WDW Railroad steam engine trains, or a monorail pilot. (Of course, I have zero experience or skills in either one, but I think these jobs would be fun.) :joyfull:

Beacon Joe

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Skipper the Grand Floridian/Polynesian/Magic Kingdom launch. I hope they're still running in a couple of decades, since that's my semi-retirement job goal.


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Attractions. Small World, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Tower of Terror and the Mountains. Being British I’d like to think I’d be a shoe in for Haunted Mansion.

I love how varied the roles people are posting are, lots I wouldn’t have even thought about. Very interesting.

Big Phil

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The person who waves as you go under the bridge at Small World would have a neat job. I mean, you would have to legitimately like your job for that, but it might be fun.

For me being the conductor on the railroad would be fun. Driving the monorails or better yet being the captain on one of the boats. The one from MK to the transportation center could be nice but even the ones in Disney Springs with light traffic would be fun to drive everyday.


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Playing a face character is the best job in the parks. Sometimes I think playing Gaston would be so much fun, but I'm a girl so that would be awkward at best.
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