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Just for fun.... You have the chance to work any job in WDW, what would you like to do??


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In regards to Traditions
Any idea why it’s only for a year?,Is that so you don’t get stale? Complacent? Give out out-dated information....
Driver covered this pretty well. It's a coveted spot, so it allows more cast members the opportunity to do it. I'm sure part of the reason is that it also helps to keep the energy of the facilitators up- to make sure that they are still genuinely excited about doing it. I actually appreciate that they force the rotation- and have it open to pretty much every department. I had a couple of friends who got to do it, and it was neat just to know someone since for many it's the second introduction to the company they get (the first being the actual hiring process)

Be on Main Street before the parade and talk to people!!
What was neat when I was there was that was one of the few areas where people "outside of the area" could sometimes get trained and work. I actually got trained as parade/ crowd control. I never picked up a shift, though I could have, but it made me much more useful to them as a photopass photographer out on the streets before parades and other events. There were a couple of the directors that appreciated that they could ask me to take care of something preparade and I would be able to do it without looking like a "suit."

As for the OP question, I'd want to do exactly what I did for 5 years there. I absolutely loved working Photopass. I was there at a special time as we were expanding into the parks and other areas and were constantly experimenting and trying new things. I know there's a lot of what I did, and what we used to do, that probably would't fly anymore. But it really was a magical time, and we had so much stinking fun doing it. If I hadn't moved out of state and if we could have kept that flavor I would have loved to keep on doing it.


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Playing a face character is the best job in the parks. Sometimes I think playing Gaston would be so much fun, but I'm a girl so that would be awkward at best.
False. As long as you go full Gaston, I'm sure it would be just as entertaining! Gaston is a state of mind, really....😉


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Guest Relations, Concierge, Front Desk- something along those lines.

I have a background in hospitality and actually really enjoy solving guest problems. Obviously there are the folks you can never make happy but I really enjoy turning someone's day around.

Jon Good

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I use to work at WDW for 19 years. Started out as a monorail driver and went to attractions, Jungle cruise, Big thunder mountain, Opening crew for a splash mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, country bear jamboree, tiki room, tree house, the land boat ride, horizons, Opening crew for test track, the universe of energy, Mission space, Mount Everest, and Jungle trek.


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I could take over for Mr Gerth at the GF. Greeting new guest and welcoming them in. I'd do my best to live up to his legacy and standards.


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Any of these would be fine:

1. An idea man, not engineering or implementation, just concepts and ideas

2. A park ambassador that just wanders the grounds, answers simple questions, and greets guests

3. The person who picks the background music

4. Main Street horseless carriage driver

5. Train station platform worker

6. Teacher/trainer of the Disney 101 course that I've heard everyone had to take
THESE!!!!! especially #2


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The person who rides with you in Universe of Energy (not any more of course) or maybe the people at Carousel of Progress, anything air conditioned.


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ooh ... tossup between the sleeping monk on Spaceship Earth or Disco Yeti!

Seriously though - or not so much - I could totally captain the Jungle Cruise. I can already hear the groans.


Mine would be to be one of the maintenance technicians of the ToT, so I can get it back to the way it should be running.


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I'd like to be the bus driver taking everyone to the parks. All happiness and excitement. Not so much when the parks close and everyone is tired and complaining about their feet and backs.

Jedi Stitch

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My wife and I always say we should just up and move to Orlando. She could do the in room child care, she does child care has all the certs. I would love to apply to be the Ready Creek Fire Marshal. If not the actual fire marshal, but then become a Main Street Fire Marshal. Be fun to be dressed up in a Faux uniform and just greet people.
I also would love what Sir Willow did, be a Photo pass Photographer. Any thing where you can meet and see people and get just say hi and hope you added to the magic of their day.

I would like to be a "Walt" walk around the park just anybody else and see what people see and call out the little things that could use some TLC, to keep the facade alive. Heck, be a sounding board to any of the head imagineers to help bounce ideas off from.
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