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Is this it!????..


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When I was a little kid we stayed at the Poly a couple of times and it was so cool and seemed so well themed that I still have a special love for it. However, that is when there weren't any other resorts except the Contemporary, Disney Inn, and Fort Wilderness. As Disney has built more resorts they have increased the elaborate theming, so the newer resorts have that jaw dropping awe. Theming even evolved with the moderates and values. Look at the Caribbean, it is nicely themed but as POR & PORFQ and Coronado were built they have a lot more theme to it. Same thing with All Stars, Pop and Art of Animation. So yeah, the Poly may not have super elaborate theming, but it does have a classic beauty to it.


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I have yet to stay at a Disney resort I didn't like. There are some I like more then others though. I know when we stay at a deluxe that the price is inflated, but I just enjoy the feel of each and the convenience they offer. Whats funny is there were three resorts I thought I wouldn't enjoy, GF, BW, and YC. Now, the GF and YC are my favorites! Only stayed at BW once, and it was a fantastic stay too! So for me, the expectations and opinions prior to a stay at one of the WDW resorts have been reversed after a great stay! PS @real mad hatter
you are going to love your stay at AKL!


Love a little Disney every day!! ;)
Good Morning..Now we have only stayed at moderate resorts but we always like to check out what other resorts look like,mostly deluxe..I remember walking into the lobby at AKL and my jaw dropped..I loved the layout and the whole concept of design..The same response was at the Wilderness Lodge,again I was overpowered by the sheer beauty of the resort,and especially the lobby area..However when we checked out ( This is where I put on my flak jacket ) The Polynesian, we were wondering what all the fuss was about..The lobby entrance was nice but not jaw dropping, and when we walked onto the white sands to get the boat to MK. I stopped and looked back and thought to myself..Is this it.?...It just didn't do it for me..Now maybe at night when the torches are alight,it takes on a new look,but I just didn't sway me to consider a vacation here..Phew!!...:oops:...There..I've said it...Now over to yourself's...Have you visited a resort to check it out and weren't that over impressed..???:eek:...
Totally agree!!! Reminds me of a me of an older motel the room portion not lobby. Lol The lobby is nice but does not wow me either. We go there to shop and eat that's it! Lol I also like some said do not like the Contemporary either. Would never stay at either EXCEPT when the Poly DVC section is finished. Then I may finally stay there. :)


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Well, with all the renos at Poly, I amsure the opinions of this place will change. We stopped in two weeks ago, and the new paint scheme on the buildingsnis great, as are the n rooms and hallways. A much needed renovation is being done. The GF is very impressive. I love the look of the Contemporary, and look forward to staying there next year.


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I think it's all a matter of personal preference. I know lots of people love the Poly and that's great that they have a place that they love. It does nothing for me, but it doesn't mean it's wrong for others to love it. When I saw Aulani, I thought "now that's what I wish the Poly were like." And I might be willing to consider current Poly prices if it looked like that. Still- that's me. On the flip side...I love the Contemporary. Just a matter of personal preference. :)


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I have never been "underwhelmed" at any deluxe resort.;)
I enjoyed PORS, especially the water wheel.
The only lobbies I have been just not so impressed with of course are the values ( haven't been to Aof A yet though). But, the rooms are basic motel rooms. They're not impressive. I still would prefer to stay at a value rather than off site ( even though for a short vacation off site was fine). If I'm staying a week, then I want to be in the "bubble". So, "underwhelmed" or not, it doesn't matter to me as long as I am at my happy place.:joyfull:


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The Poly lobby is not as jaw-droppingly stunning as AKL or WL, but it has it's charms. And Yes, the grounds are very pretty at night when the torches are lit.

There are many hotels at WDW - many different themes.

If you want to stay in a Disney hotel chances are that you'll find one you like!


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While I haven't stayed at Poly, I feel like it is stuck in the 70's. I like the lobby but everything else feels dated. It's all about personal preference. I don't really have any intention of staying there as the cost is simply too high to stay somewhere that I am not drawn to. I would much rather experience the Yacht and Beach Club first (already stayed at Contemp and WL).


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I've honestly been very impressed with all of the hotels when we've checked them out. I don't think I'd like to stay at the Contemporary, though. I really do like it, but it misses something for me. I love going there to eat and look around though :)


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Since my birth in 1976 I have stayed at GF, Poly, Contemporary, Dixie Landings, WL, AKL, YC, BC, OKW, CSR, POP, AoA, ASM....Golf Resort (when it was called that), a few of the Village hotels, FW....gosh..I have stayed at most of them...no BoardWalk or Swalphin...I dont remember staying at CBR but may have.....point being....Poly is my all time favorite, but one of the best weekends I ever had was at POFQ when Elliot Dyson used to play there. I have had a wonderful time at all of the WDW resorts I have stayed at. ASM being the obvious least favorite


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We love the Poly and yes, at night there is a nice feel, and very relaxing. We do ADRs at the other deluxes, even stayed at the GF and Contemporary. We loved the Contemporary way back in the day, but wouldn't stay there again. Too much of a *convention hotel* feel to it for us
Well they are by far the 2 oldest resorts on property and witht e4h Bay Lake towers @ Contemp it just doesnt feel the same to me...I would'nt stayt at either of these unless all other options were booked...I've stayed at bothe several times..inclusding right after each opened..albeit as a kid..and let me tell you nothing was cooler back then...lol

Boadwalk/Wilderness Lodge/AKL all are much nicer IMO


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Last week, my buddy and I hit the Poly (I will do a trip report, I promise - so many good tales to tell!) to see the torch lighting ceremony and to have a drink. After hearing so much about them, had to try the Lapu. Eh. It tasted very chocolate-y to me. Why, I don't know, just did.

Anyway, walking around the hotel and the grounds, I kept thinking, "I would like to stay here one day, just to see what it is like." There is just something about it....can't express it, just like it.

Then again, I went to Port Orleans - Riverside (is that where Boatrights is? I can't keep it straight.) While strolling (my friend insisted I learn to stroll rather than doing my usual racewalk), I thought, "Boy, I want to stay here again...."

Let's face it, I just want to go back to Disney.


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Saratoga Springs has to be as bland as you will find on property.
Wow, we found it to be a beautiful place and really like it. The grounds, while big and spread out, in my opinion, were beautiful. Maybe I'm just easy to please, but we have yet to stay anywhere on property I would call bland, and we have stayed at all levels, value, mod, deluxe and home away from home. Of course, there is something for everyone.


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I've posted this before about my feelings about the Poly, but I'll post it again:

It has a certain 'je ne sais qoui'.

The Poly captures this feeling of a young newly married couple from the '50's or '60's full of optimism and looking forward to the adventure and pleasures of life.

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