Inside Out meet and greet


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At today's Disney Parks Blog event it was announced that no regular meet and greet location will be happening for Joy or Sadness. The characters are rumored to be used for Special Events only.
Nice to see them finally come clean

I thought Frozone and Mr. Incredible were specifically leaving to make room for Inside Out? Why does Disney allow bloggers at events to advertise for them when the rest of us can't get what is being advertized?! What is even the point?!
Incredibles left to allow Hiro and Baymax to keep going


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Disney Parks Blog events are open to any guests you just have to win a spot.

Yes but everyone knows that the majority of people who "win" are the same people each time.

*edited to add* And it still would be better to showcase things EVERYONE can do after the fact on the Disney Parks Blog, not just the lucky ones who live in Florida or already had trips planned for this time. I still see it as weirdly advertising a small group of people having fun but the rest of the crowd will be left out.

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