Indiana Jones Land?


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Yes, they've been secretly building a new land themed to IJ in Echo lake. 99% of the infrastructure is already there. It'll be amazing once it opens. Looks for a new sign and lots of snakes to debut in 2019. Some call this a hard overlay others call this brilliant.


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I need a zipped mouth emoji.


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I'd be OK with whatever they decide to do with Indy,I just hope they somehow manage to convince Ford to participate this time. Was there ever an explanation for WHY he didnt have anything to do with the Disneyland ride? I always thought it was weird they had to use a sound-alike for the animatronic. Given what they've been able to do with Johnny Depp,I'd love to see Old Man Indy become a permanent fixture in the parks....


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Out of all of the decisions that don't make sense with WDPR, closing GMR to build a new ride still comes off as one of the most pants-on-head decisions they have made in recent years.
Even more salt to the wound, considering Disneyland might be getting the Mickey ride as well, without replacing any attractions.

And they have like 40 attractions already
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