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Indiana Jones Land?


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Too bad Harrison Ford hasn't. 🤣

I love the franchise though. They need a reboot from the original.
being 76 years old, and having 2 bad airplane crashes (ok one was a helicopter) and a stupid mistake that should have killed him. will do that to a man.
Honestly for 76 he looks great.
And please no reboots.
On a side note, sean connery who was supposed to be his dad is only 12 years older.


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Jim Hill is stating that for the 40th anniversary of the Indy franchise/the release of the 5th film, they will closing the Stunt Show for 6 months and updating it and installing an Indy meet and greet & gift shop as well. Thoughts?


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I love the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, it's my favorite live show at any theme park so I'd be pretty sad to see it go. I can understand why you'd get rid of it, only if you are making a proper Indy E-Ticket, as the behind the scenes nature of the show wouldn't mesh with a ride. If they get rid of it only to replace it with a lightly themed coaster or flats or something not even Indy at all I'd be pretty upset.
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