In other news, Churros no longer available at AK


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The other night at the Springs a churro was $4.99....I don't think they are that high at the parks but they always seem to be going up in price.


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Im guessing something about them made them more dangerous for animals to injest because theyre hardly the only snack people feed the animals.

That or this is a desperate effort to force more people into Epcot, for the sole reason of grabbing Jalapeno pretzels, lol


Le Meh
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It makes sense... tigers hate cinnamon, they love pepper.


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I also heard that the spicy chicken waffle sandwich at sleepy hollow is gone.
It was taken off the menu as of this past Wednesday. I had a rather upset wifey because of it.

Also, the CMs at Columbia Harbor House informed us that they are getting rid of the Seafood Macaroni as of this week as well. We didn't check back to confirm this but the CMs said they were told in pre-shift meetings on Monday that Tuesday would be its last day.

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