Iger and Chapek Livid With Lucasfilm


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Episodes 7, 8, and 9 ridiculous just based on the fact that they make episodes 1-6 completely invalid. When it was just 4-6, the story was about Luke, but when 1-3 came out, it made 1-6 a story of the rise, fall, and salvation of Anakin. A true saga. Then 7-9 came out and said EVERYTHING he did was moot. Palpatine’s essence survived and he sacrificed his life for nothing. What? Then we are calling the 9 film collection The Skywalker Saga when the final three films had a total of three ACTUAL Skywalkers for less than a third of the time? Then the “hero” lies about her lineage? Ugh!
I agree with this completely. Personally, I would have further emphasized Ben Solo, creating two main characters like Anakin/Obi-Wan in the prequels, so it could be more Skywalker focused.

I’m okay that SPOILER ALERT Han died in TFA, but having Ben kill him was unnecessary. Have him sacrifice himself in a non-MF ship to save Ben or Rey. It was okay for SPOILER ALERT Luke to die in TLJ, but Leia survived being exposed to deep space? Leia should have been on the ship to make the sacrifice for the Resistance. That would’ve given Rey, Finn, and Poe the stature that Leia, Luke, and Han had going into ROTJ. That would’ve also given Ben the internal conflict (the loss of both parents) that Anakin had that turned him good. Ben is a blood Skywalker and would have RISEn to the occasion. You end with Rey and Ben on Tattoine, Rey preggers, staring out to the suns setting, and a pod race occurring in the distance.
I was on board with Ben killing Han and I like that Ben was prepared to kill Leia but stopped at the last minute when his soldiers did instead. Her surviving completely ruined the character arc of Ben, as he would have potentially shown some remorse that leads him to become good in 9 once again.


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Exactly. Rouge one and the Mandalorian are absolute proof that fans don't hate everything.

By the end of last jedi, all the "subverting" had the opposite effect. It became extremely predictable what was going to happen.
Exactly.. I had a feeling by the end of TLJ that he wasn't really there cause of the plot points of Rey and Kylos connection and constant subverting being done. If he actually was there, then I would have been subverted.


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I know I’m gonna regret getting involved in this but...

That is NOT what happened.

Please read the entire thread.

But Twitter is going to do what Twitter does. Everyone saw the phrase “It’s all fake anyway” and decided to pitch a hissy fit.

Thanks, I only follow Star Wars news on the periphery now. So just see little bits here and there.

It's interesting to think why people have the "hissy fit" or are so ready to believe the spin. It surely boils down to how little faith many fans have with the story group and whoever have been making many creative decisions at Lucasfilm. While there is the Star Wars hate / love thing going on online. People trying to soothe the sheer disappointment of Episode 8 onwards by sharing the disdain. Solace in knowing other fans are unhappy. While there are people that put out fake stories and spin stuff. I saw something claiming there's a version of The Rise of Skywalker where George Lucas wrote and shot reshoots. While it's not impossible... it sounds frankly unbelievable and is surely made up. So there is all that.

However, this does happen in the context of the material Lucasfilm is putting out. If the material was better, none of this would hold ground. Something is broken at Lucasfilm. Whether the leaks and stories are true or not. Something hasn't been working.

Something that lead to a trilogy of films that trashes the original trilogies stories and legacies. Putting out new books of stories, going back and bastardising the orignal story further. So, why wouldn't anyone who has seen the sequels who are aware of supplemental material altering aspects of the original story believe those in the story group would have a "flippant" attitude regarding canon?

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