If you could implement 1 major change throughout the parks, what would it be?


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Ditch Genie+. Go back to a Fastpass system, updated so guests can scan a code at the attraction itself and not prebook in advance to allow everyone in the park an equal chance to use the fast lane. Any paid app should confine itself to stuff like fun stuff for kids, photo filters etc for a small nominal fee.


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In the Parks
Better park hours across the board. There's no reason why any of the parks should be opening as late as 9:00 am and closing before 10:00 pm (except maybe DAK since they're too cheap to put a nighttime show there). I mean if Disneyland can be almost consistently open until 12:00 am, there's no reason the world's #1 theme park can't do the same.


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Build that river rapids ride in Canada, overall add more rides at HS, AK, and Epcot. No need for another gate when these (except Hollywood due to wait times) could all be considered less than a full day park.

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