Trip Report I Will Survive.....Spring Break (with a hint of May) *COMPLETED*


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Along for the adventures. Safe travels too. I love POFQ (although I love all the resorts we've been to,too).;)
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First in. Drive safe and have a great time. I'm at POFQ in June so excited to hear your thoughts on it.
You’re gonna love POFQ!

You know I’m in!

Good luck!
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wow cool...

im checking in disney springs on 4/2
errrm is a prized i met tuvalu card in my future??

stay tuned..same mouse time
same mouse channel
Perhaps we can go Sailing?
Although Em is pulling for Rick Springfield. 😂

Tuvalu, remember now, that the rules have changed since your last trip. No oversized Keenz for hauling around your purse grapes, and leave the cigars at home. No ice, no plastic straws. I think that covers it; try to have a good time. :p

O.k. I'm in!! :happy:
Got it! ✅


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Woohoo! Great start to my week :joyfull:

Can’t wait to follow along!

Safe travels!
Yay! Can't wait to follow along! Safe travels and have fun!!
Thanks, ladies!

I have been in Fla since Fri with so so weather. However, I leave tonight which promises you perfect weather after my departure. That’s the way it works.
Have fun!
I will thank you every day the sun is shining. :happy:

Happy travels! It's spring break in my county as well this week, though I'm a preschool (toddler) teacher and let me tell you- they come year. round. No break for this teacher.
Looking forward--always--to your trip reports, but especially this one as it's where I'm staying in June for the first time. I guess the rainy day adage can be applied here? A crazy day at WDW is still better than a normal day at home???
Enjoy your non-break!

Yay! Best of luck with the crowds, can't wait to see how many Tuvalu cards you get to give out (I'm guessing @sheriffwoody may be a recipient)!
I hope so!


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Did you get your glass of vitamin C?
No. The FL Welcome Center was packed! All those people from Michigan getting their free juice. :joyfull:

So far, so good. At least the smiles are still in place. Of course, with sunshine and palm trees, it is hard not to smile.

I have spent a few spring breaks at POFQ. I love that resort. I will be following along!
Welcome, @MouseDreaming. 😊

Have a great trip! Will be following along :)
Happy to have you along for the ride.
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