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Trip Report I Vowed Never Again ~ Yet Here We Are! *COMPLETED*


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Those are among the BEST pictures you've shared :) Congratulations 🎈
Awww....Congratulations to you and your whole family!!:)
Congrats to you and your growing family! Beautiful!!! :joyfull:
Awe congrats to the entire Tuvalu Family 🎈🍼💐
Congrats and a welcome to Tuvaleen!:)
Awwwwe! Congratulations to the entire @Tuvalu family!
Congratulations - what a cutie!
Yay! New babies are the best! Many congratulations to your family!
Congratilulations to all. Always the best news in the world!
Awww congrats to all of you!!! So precious!!
Y'all are so sweet! :inlove: Thank you.


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Congratulations Tuvalu family!!! Another Disney girl in the making!
Congratulations, another girl to add to the Tuvalu Disney team :D
EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! So exciting to welcome Tuvaleen to the family! I'm sure you and Em are turning her into a Disney gal already!:geek::geek::geek::geek::joyfull::joyfull::joyfull: Enjoy the blessings of a growing family!
Yay for Disney girls!! :happy:

Congrats!! Tuvalette has gotten so big! ❤️
Tuvalette looked like a baby on Wednesday....now that Tuvaleen has arrived, she looks like a full-fledged toddler!!

Wait! What?! I missed something here. :facepalm: When did you have the time to have a baby?! You're the busiest person on the planet with all the WDW trips, and you had another baby too?!

Congratulations!!! Tuvaleen & Tuvalette make it all worth while. :inlove::inlove:
oooh Grandbabies are the best I hear!
Amen, sisters!

Awwww, congratulations. They are both perfect. And it sure looks good on you!
Complete joy makes everyone look good. :joyfull:

Congratulations on welcoming the newest member of the Tuvalu family!
I just got all caught up on your live report and I can't wait to hear all the details. But I'll be patient, looks like you have your hands full...:geek:
Thanks for reading.....hope to begin the rest soon!


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Welcome Tuvaleen! True Magic!

Congrats @Tuvalu and wishing her all the best!
Appreciate the well wishes, Fractal!

This is great!!

Get that kid an AP, ASAP! She has the ultimate Fairy Godmother. 🧚‍♀️

Congrats!! Grandmas are the best :inlove:
I’m going to do my best...😊

Thanks, Leo!

No, being a Grandma is the best!!!!
To this I say, AMEN!!!

All caught up and anxiously waiting for the full report!
Congratulations on the new grand baby!! :)
Welcome and thank you!


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I needed to change the title of this TR since we are no longer LIVE.

What to call it?

Unabridged? Nah....sounds too much like a dictionary.

Detailed? Implies that no details were included in the live portion and that’s not true.

Complete? Say it with me, @Longers....”NOT YET!”

So I settled on.....wait for it.....Part 2. Exciting, huh? Perhaps Chapter 2 would be better. But then there’d have to be a Chapter 3, then 4, and pretty soon I’d end up with a @Tony the Tigger novella.

Part 2 it is!

****Or WAS!****

Thanks to @Tony the Tigger I have modified the title based on his suggestion. 😍

Monday, April 2
We hoped that by leaving on Monday we’d miss the worst of the mass exodus of Atlanta spring breakers heading for Florida and we were right. While it did take longer to get to the airport than it should have, the slowdown was construction traffic not vacationers.

Woody dropped us off and there was no wait to check our luggage. Both Em and I had TSA precheck and we breezed through security. She requested ChickFilA for lunch (“I never get to have it for lunch!”) and we ate at the gate.

We boarded in group B and got seats together.
Notice my necklace? The Mickey charm, circa 1980s, belonged to the deceased mother of a good friend of mine. She discovered it while going through her mom’s belongings and thought I would like it. And I do!!

The flight was VERY bumpy before landing (which was odd since the weather was perfectly fine) and I was glad when we touched down. Forty minutes later we were onboard DME and after drop offs at OKW and Saratoga Springs, we arrived at POFQ.

Skipping over the front desk debacle, I was not happy as we trudged toward Building 3 and “the last available room.” I had requested an upper floor of Building 2, knowing that the refurbishment in that building was complete. Also, I prefer not to be on the first floor as I find those rooms noisier.

Our first floor room in Building 3 surprised me. Not only was it refurbished (we may have been the first guests in that room since we could still smell paint) but it afforded us a partial view of Illuminations. And many of you know I like a fireworks view!

The hard-goods in the room were the same but the TV was new as were the mattresses/bedding (very comfy, we slept like babies!) The room had a fan (yay!) and a convenient bathroom hook.

We are not fans of the wall toiletries. We bring our own hair products and hate body wash. There was only one bar of soap....at the sink....but thankfully our mousekeeper left us another bar the following day. The shower head is one of those “rainfall” types and the pressure was not very strong, resulting in longer showers for us. (@amjt660, do you remember the Seinfeld shower head episode?)

WiFi was AWFUL but when I finally spoke to someone about it the signal improved (apparently the refurb construction caused some issues.)

We didn’t spend much time in the room as we were in a hurry to get here ~

Time to get this vacay started!!
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