I Made It!


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I finally Earned My Ears (graduated) from Disney bus driver training. Watch out everyone, there is a new driver on the loose! This is honestly the best job I have ever had! I love interacting with the guests while they are my captive audience for the ride from the resort to the parks!


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Way to go!! That's awesome!!


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Very, very cool! One of our most magical WDW moments last trip was on a bus. Congrats and have fun making magical memories for resort guests!


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Not sure how I feel about the "captive audience" part :/

Just kidding, congrats!


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Well done!

Most interesting ride I ever had was the driver that picked us up at midnight from MGM wearing dark sunglasses...don't be THAT guy!


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Good for you. :)

Be sure to let us know all the new fantastical tales that will be making the rounds. ;)


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My family and i will be at POR on dec.14 thru the 20th, wear a wdwmagic pin or something to identify yourself. Congratulations on a great accomplishment hope you enjoy yourself and keep us updated on all the juicy rumors.

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