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Trip Report I am Jack's raging excitement


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Day 1 cntd...

I forgot to one last part the last post. As we were leaving MK they were lowering the flag and also played the national anthem.


It is truly appalling how many grown (American) adults do not stop and take a moment to honor the flag and our anthem, let alone how many were allowing their children to run around making noise. I noticed several families who were foreign yet had the decency to at least stop and wait for the ceremony to end and made their children stand still as well. I took this photo right before the start and then put my phone up, but many people continued with their conversations with no regard to what was going on around them. I am grateful to my parents for raising us with proper manners. /rant

We arrived back at GFV and C wanted to get a bath bomb from Basin. It was appx 530-ish. Our plan was simple. C was very much looking forward to enjoying a nice long bath and I was going to get some dinner to bring back so she could have the room to herself for awhile. I check with concierge to get our room number since the app was giving me that weird code instead of a room number. She gave us our room number which was one the 5th floor. We entered the room and even though we had watched a bazillion videos of the 1 br villas on youtube, we were blown away with how amazing it was in person. C was all smiles!


We hadnt even made our way to the bedroom yet. We were just in awe of the kitchen and living room area still. After a minute or two, we checked out the bedroom and it was great. Then C headed into the bathroom to check it out. Thats when I hear her say, "ummmm, where is the tub"?!!!

I went in to see, and where the soaking tub is supposed to be, there was just an empty area.


I took a screenshot from a video I made, hence the "play" icon in the photo.

We looked into the second bathroom area and thats when we realized what the weird code for the room number on the app had meant.


HCWASH-ACCESS = Handicap Accessible.

The look on C's face was the same as the father in the movie "A Christmas Story" after the Bumpesses dogs run in the kitchen and take all the food and he is just standing there with the saddest expression, lol.

I told her I would go the lobby and see what I could do. I politely explained to the concierge, Kate (same one who gave us our room number) what our plan had been in regards to C enjoying a bath and spending a nice evening in the room. Unfortunately, there were no other rooms available to switch to. Kate was very helpful and was even willing to let us have a 2 br villa if one was available since we were only staying the night. She searched the system but nothing was available. It was a shame but I knew it was not her fault and she did try her best. Then she made me an offer! She said she would refund half the DVC points we used for the room. The room was 33 points for the night so I was extremely happy with her offer. Please know, I did not ask for any refund or any other form of compensation. I only asked if we could be moved to a non handicap room. I thanked Kate several times for such a kind offer. Then she said, "wait, the refund of the points wont make your wifes night any more enjoyable". I laughed and said no, but she will be ok knowing that we can use the points on another trip. Then Kate said, "that wont do"! Then she said she wanted us to go have dinner at any restaurant on property and she would take care of the bill. I explained that it was not necessary and the points refund was more than enough, but Kate insisted that since C wanted to have an enjoyable evening that she was gonna make it happen. I said perhaps we would just get some food at the quick service place in the main building but Kate would not allow it, lol. She wanted to us to go to a restaurant. I asked, "you mean we can to California Grille"? With excitement, She exclaimed, "Yes! Now youre thinking the right way! and order anything you want, even dessert"!!

Since we really wanted to enjoy the room, I asked if we could just get in room dining. Kate got a big smile on her face and told me how much loves the food from their kitchen and she knows a few of the chefs and that they were very good. "Room service it is"! I said.

C was very happy with the outcome when i returned to the room and told her what Kate had offered. Even C said it was too much and it wasnt necessary but I told her Kate insisted. It was still early so we waited a bit to place our order. We had packed a separate bag just for our overnight stay at VGF and left everything else in the car so we wouldnt have to much hassle in the morning. I even left the beer in there so I went over to the main lobby to see if the store had any decent beer. They did not. They had Budweiser and it was $16 for a six pack. I decided I would be fine until morning. When i returned to the DVC building I got a few pictures of the lobby.



The second one is actually from the 5th floor looking down.

I saw Kate and she was excited to see what we had ordered. I knew then that she really did like the food in the kitchen because I told her we hadnt ordered yet and she made a few suggestions of her favorites. We wound up talking for about 15 minutes and discovered we watch the same Ghost Hunting shows and a few other programs. Kate was just awesome in every way! I got back to the room and we placed our order. Soon after the food arrived!


I went with the pizza. Kate told me their pizza was not the same as other resorts pizza and it was very good. She was absolutely correct!
C got the pasta wit cream sauce, vegetables and peppers which was another suggestion from Kate and it was very good as well. C LOVED it. We got the dessert sampler as well.



C's dish came with grilled chicken but she had them put it on the side.

We have ordered room service before at Beach Club and it was ok. But GF room service is SERIOUSLY good!! Highest marks!!

We enjoyed our meal as we watched the Disney channel. We try and watch new shows each time we visit and have fallen in love with certain shows. Last trip, our niece (C Minor) had us watching Bunked, and we got addicted and watched all of them when we returned home. This trip we discovered Bizzardvark! We absolutely loved it. We have already been watching it since we returned.

After dinnerl, we enjoyed some time on the patio. We had an excellent view!


It was soooooo relaxing to watch the Monorails glide by. We stayed out there for at least 30 minutes just relaxing and letting our food settle. Afterwards we had some dessert and I had called the front desk to thank Kate for such an amazing night and C got on the phone to thank her as well. We settled in the for the night and relaxed in the living room and went to bed later.

Up next... day 2 and checking into BWV!!!


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Love the report so far! We were there at about the same time (BWV) so I'm curious to see how your experience went as well.


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Day 2

We truly had a great nights sleep in the king size bed of the villa. Having all that extra space in the villa which allows you to spread out is really nice. Even though there was coffee maker in the room, I went down to the lobby because they have a Nespresso machine and its free! I whipped up a few coffees and brought them back upstairs so we could enjoy the views from the balcony.



You would think after seeing the 10th Monorail go by that it would get boring,...but it does not.

To the left we could see the Poly.


I know some of you follow me on Instagram and saw the videos I was posting on my story but for those of who do not follow me but are interested in what the view is like from the VGF, here is a video I took. We had a standard view that was located directly above the main lobby entrance on the 5th floor. In our opinion, this view was AMAZING. The Lake/MK views are no doubt great as well, but we seriously enjoyed the "monorail" view and will request this room or something close to it on our next stay at VGF. And apologies for the vertical camera angle, but its easier to post vertical on Instagram which was what this video was for.

While we had our coffee we discussed the possibility of staying in a 1 br villa more often when we visit. We did the math on how much we spend eating in the parks or at restaurants vs having meals in the room since the 1 br has a full kitchen. It basically broke even and then C reminded me that the 1 br has a washer/dryer and we could do laundry as well which would be nice. Plus, I usually go to ESPN Zone or Big River grille to get food at night and that averages about $25-$30 if i get beer (which you know I do) and tip. We basically will just need to buy another DVC with at least 100 points and that should be enough to make up the difference to up our stays to a 1 br villa once or twice a year. This conversation would be on going throughout the trip for many other reasons that I shall explain in time.

It was still fairly early (appx 8am) and we were still on the balcony relaxing when I got a room ready text from BWV. Yay! At least we knew we could get our stuff in the room right away then hit the parks. We were not in any rush though. We took our time and showered up before heading out.

Good bye germ free remote control! May the next guests in the room enjoy your cleanliness after C wiped you down with a clorox wipe.


I took a pic of the room number so we wouldnt forget it.


As we got to the elevator we saw a woman with a Cinderella style stroller. It was pretty sweet. It had lights glowing and flashing all over it. She told us she won it for the day on a Facebook contest. It was pretty cool.


As we walked to the car we joked about how people probly thought we were doing the "walk of shame" back to the car to head home, but little did they know....hahaha!

Our review of VGF:

We have stayed at Grand Floridian (the non DVC side) but this was our first time staying in the DVC wing. Overall, we like the DVC side much better. Mainly because the lobby at Grand Floridian has a lot of traffic due to visitors and lookie-loo's checking out the resort or shopping/dining and as beautiful as the lobby is, it feels like more of a public space than your own resort lobby to relax in. The DVC building lobby is much smaller but is absolutely stunning and very well designed and feels more cozy and relaxing to us. The rooms are just awesome. We loved everything from the design to the furniture. We have been thinking about redecorating our master bathroom and we are probly going to incorporate a few elements of the DVC bathroom at VGF because we liked it that much!

There is short, well landscaped path that leads to the main building for access to all the shopping/dining/monorails and plenty of amenities on the DVC such as a basketball court, areas for grilling and other recreational activities. We will definitely be staying here again!

Up next, checking into BWV and a little HS action!


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Yes. My wife is a clean freak and thinks everything on the planet is contaminated (including me, lol). Whenever we check in to a resort room, she cleans it. And she only uses the approved cleaning supplies that she actually brings from home.
My hat off to your wife. I’m also a big fan of decontamination and those hotel remotes have always still bothered me. (Too many nooks and crannies!) I am going to try out adding the baggie on my next hotel stay. 🙂


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It is truly appalling how many grown (American) adults do not stop and take a moment to honor the flag and our anthem,
I am not caught up, as I have recently returned from WDW, but I had to comment on this. One, as tolerant as I try to be, I can not tolerate those who disrespect our flag.
Second, I have never seen the ceremony. I wish Disney would post the time.


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I am not caught up, as I have recently returned from WDW, but I had to comment on this. One, as tolerant as I try to be, I can not tolerate those who disrespect our flag.
Second, I have never seen the ceremony. I wish Disney would post the time.
As Tuvalu mentioned, it is 5 PM. I've seen it a few times down through the years. One of my favorite spots to view it is up on the train platform, facing Main Street USA. :) It's also pleasant down at street level as well.


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Day 2 cntd...

After our "walk of shame fake-out" (credit to, @Tuvalu for creating that phrase), we hopped in the car and headed to BWV. We had 8 nights in a Pool/Garden view studio. It was a nice drive and the weather was very pleasant. Soon we were there!

The guard may look serious in this picture but he was very polite. He gave us a big "Welcome Home!" and sent us on our way!

We were glad the room was ready so we wouldnt have to wait on our bags later. On our way in, I saw Mrs. Marleen, the manager of the resort and I went over to say hello and Merry Christmas. I met her in April when my card had been double charged for room service and she fixed it. I said hello to her in July as well when we visited w/ our niece. She is a very sweet woman and is also a big reason why BW is such a well run resort. I would not expect the manger of such a large resort to have remembered me after just meeting twice, but she remembered my name and we even joked how she is stuck with me until at least 2042 since we are DVC now. We are blessed to have such an amazing woman taking care of our home resort!

Soon our bags arrived and C was already de-contaminating the room while I stocked the fridge with our supplies.


See, @Back!Elbow!Shoulders! , I told you she doesnt mess around with germs, lol. :cool:



We had a nice view of the Disney Chanel from or balcony.


With the room all clean and the fridge stocked up, we freshened up and got ready to head to HS!

I poured a "Hop Gun" IPA for the walk over to the studios. It was my first time trying this beer. Pretty standard for an IPA but I enjoyed it. I need to get on Untappd ,@lostpro9het . Perhaps Ill create an acct so for 2019 and I can be more official.

Due to construction for the gondolas and bust stops, the pathway to HS from BW had been diverted right after you pass under the bridge and we had to walk all the way around the parking lot of HS and around the bust stops. It was a very, very long walk. From what we could see, the concrete for the pathway was gone where the diversion began and the fences had it blocked off. We were concerned that the pathway would become the path we were currently taking and would be a nightmare for future walks to the Studios.

We could see off in the distance that there were gondolas actually on the wires and even a crew up there working on it. I got some pictures when we got closer.




It was pretty cool to see actual gondolas up there to get an idea of how big they are. Obviously, these arent the ones Disney will use but the frame of them seems to be similar to the final product.

As we got closer to the front, we tried to see where the pathway had ended and if it was still there. We could not get a good enough view to determine if it was or wasnt. Our concern was growing :eek:

Shortly after we were in the park and our thoughts of the pathway being gone had faded as we were ready for some fun!


Up next... more HS!


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Day 2 cntd...

We had some time to spare until our first FP, so where else to go except Baseline Tap House!! We stopped to check out The Theatre.


C was not in the mood for a picture here, but I told her to think about years from now when the ride is open and she will have her photo in front of it during its construction.

Then she made me pose for a picture, which I was fine with.


White v-neck for the win!!

Baseline had a new cheese board so of course we had to try it. C was glad they still had her favorite beer, the Scrimshaw Pilsner and I ordered the Stone IPA I think.


She slipped in a hidden "you're number one"! So loving! haha


We definitely liked the cheese board. It also had some type of ribeye slices that were amazing.

A CM, Daniel, working the outside patio stopped by to check on everything and we wound up talking with him for 20 minutes. He was very nice and shared some fun CM stories of the crazy things he has seen.


We had some good laughs and its always fun to hear stories from the CM's.

We somehow get into long conversations with CM's when we have a meal or drinks at various locations. We are always wary of the fact they are working and do not want to take up their time but the usually seem happy to stay and chat. C and I joke around that since we visit often, perhaps they are undercover CM's trying to get more info out of us to report back, lol. We know that is absolutely not true and we are not that important, but its how we justify the long conversations they seem to enjoy having. This was C's 8th trip of the year so Im pretty sure they know that we are hooked, haha.

We were stuffed after the food and beers but we still had some grapes that C didnt want to throw away. It made me think of other trip reports Ive read and people call it "purse grapes"? Is that what people say? Did you start this trend, @Tuvalu? Either way, I told C about it so she grabbed a napkin to wrap them up in and boom! Purse grapes! Sort of.


up next , more HS! and more beer!
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