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Trip Report I am Jack's raging excitement


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Day 7 ctd..

It was time for Tonys Party. They checked our wristbands at the entrance and then you just select a table of your choice. You are allowed to come and go as you please which we liked because we knew we could have some food and drinks and then go back out into the park and come back later for more. We snagged a seat on the patio.


I had to check out the bar of course.


It was great to have a beer inside the MK. Cheers!


The buffet was very good, IMO. All the offerings were delicious.




The dessert table was pretty good too.



Tony was out making the rounds and he came out on the patio and had all of us cracking up. I didnt realize who was playing the role until @blgauger messaged me to say that it was Equity Ben! I had posted a video on Instagram and she messaged me to let me know. I have never seen him perform in the Frozen show but have heard everybody rave about it. He was definitely an excellent performer.

After our first round at Tonys we headed out into the park again.

Up next...more MK


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Day 7 ctd...

We went back over for another ride on Pirates.


We did the Jingle Cruise after but my pictures were blurry.

After the cruise, we caught a bit more of the parade.





We headed back Tonys for a later snack and beer before heading out for the night. The rest of the pics for the night are on C's phone.

All in all, we had a blast at both of the parties. If you would have asked prior to going, if I would pay the $99 for Tonys Party, I would have said no, but after experiencing it, I would probly do it again. Not only for the food and drinks, but it was nice to relax on the patio and watch the parade. And especially if it was Equity Ben performing as Tony. He was HILARIOUS.


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The main reason I was here, was to the try the filet mignon burger. I got it to go so I could eat in the room with C. Im pretty sure she had another mozzarella sandwich.
Somehow, C seems to have an endless supply of mozzarella sandwiches. They appear like magic.


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After the afternoon break we headed back to Epcot. We had a dinner ADR at Spice Road Table in Moroco pavilion. I had seen in one of @Tuvalu trip reports that they ate on the patio and watched Illuminations. We originally planned on trying the Frozen dessert party but wound up making an ADR instead. They were not too busy when we checked in but we noticed a lady giving the hostess a hard time about something. Seemed to be that they had more people than their reservation stated and the hostess was telling her it just be a short wait. The woman was not happy about that and kept going outside to talk to her party then back inside to try and haggle with the hostess. After a few minutes, the hostess noticed us and apologized for the wait. We told her we didnt mind and that it was a shame she has to deal with people like the woman before us. We explained we just wanted to have some drinks and appetizers on the patio to watch the fireworks. She told us to hold one one moment and she soon returned and asked if we would like to sit in the middle of the dining room where there is a huge window and you can see the show. We agreed! A little kindness goes a long way with the CMs!!

We had an amazing view from the dining room. We ordered drinks first.

View attachment 373369

View attachment 373370

Followed by the brie

View attachment 373371

And the fried hummus, which we will ABSOLUTELY be back for! It was awesome!

View attachment 373372

We ordered second round of drinks while we watched the show. The service was outstanding. We had a very polite waiter that was kept our glasses full and had good conversation.

We strolled around WS a bit and I grabbed another beer somewhere, cant remember.

View attachment 373368

Ill take a random picture like this just for the sake of remembering for the TR, and then I forget where it was, lol.

We headed back to Boardwalk and C went up to the room and I stopped at Big River for a late night brewski

View attachment 373374

Up next... day 6, morning at HS and there were people in line for the attractions! The After Hours party spoiled us, haha!
Oh ugh! Why do people do that? I get it if you run into someone you know and want to have dinner with them, that you ask if you can add a person or two, but you can't just assume that it will be no problem and get mad that they can't accommodate those extra 5 people they weren't planning for! I wonder how many extra people she brought with her.
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