Hurricane Matthew


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- Walt Disney World Gas Stations, Car Rental and Pet Care closing early today
- CONFIRMED - Walt Disney World theme parks closing at 5pm today, closed all day Friday
- Disney releases FAQ for guests impacted by Hurricane Matthew
- Orlando International Airport expects to cease all air traffic later this evening
- Hurricane Matthew latest impact to Walt Disney World
- Tonight's Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew
- Hurricane Matthew - Latest impacts to Walt Disney World operations
- Blizzard Beach closed tomorrow ahead of Hurricane Matthew
- Hurricane Warning issued for the theme park areas
- Hurricane Matthew to impact the theme parks later this week


Here we go again. Looks like the forecast track has it closer to Florida. I wonder how it will impact operations at WDW? Will they extend MSEP for several days because of the hurricane?

Real-time forecast track from National Hurricane Center:
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I don'tthink it will have any major impacts on the daily ops. Even on the current track, Matthew is just expected to bring heavy rains and lots of wind to the inland Central FL counties. Along the coast is a different story. Of course all this can and will change if the storm shifts further west. Next intermediate update from the NHC is in about 20 minutes.

Except it's forecast to be a Cat 3 as it passes. The morning track has it shifted a lot westward. No one knows how close to the coast the eye will go. That means more wind and rain for Central Florida. I have a feeling parks will be closed and more activities planned for guests at the resorts


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We just got back yesterday from a three night cruise on the Dream. Matthew is a very strong Category 4 storm. And it will blow through the Bahamas...Castaway Cay is expected to get winds 90-110 mph, according to the report we read. I hope the CMs who permanently live on the island have a strong place to shelter or can be evacuated. I wouldn't want to be on that island with a Category 2 storm blowing through. We were on Castaway Cay Sunday and the monsoon started in the afternoon, with lightening hitting the island. We were trapped in our cabana for about an hour until they could come get us. And the island was flooding. The rain was so hard, it was difficult to see the island from our veranda once we got back onboard. Made for rocky return to Port Canaveral. Where it was pouring when we docked yesterday morning.

Latest reports have the entire Florida east coast in the cone. I think WDW will experience LOTS of rain and some winds. But unless it turns more westward, you should be okay.


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Will be interesting to see what they do. It's been a while since We've had anything significant pass over Central Florida.

Even on the current track the whole area is supposed to get 40-60mph winds


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We were there for Hurricane Floyd in '99 (1st time the parks had ever closed by the way). The storm was supposed to come ashore around Daytona and head across central FL. We were staying at Port Orleans Riverside (Dixie Landings then) and a day or so before the storm everyone had letters waiting for them in the room asking that the curtains be closed and to stay away from windows in case the high winds might break the windows. They also asked that we fill the tub with water. The day the storm was supposed to hit, the parks were open in the morning but closed in the early afternoon along with Downtown Disney. Basically the only places operating were the resorts. They moved everyone out of Ft. Wilderness campground into the moderate resorts. We were there with another couple with adjoining rooms so we filled one tub with water and the other ice. We stocked up on "supplies" (soda, beer, snacks) from the store at the resort - h-u-g-e lines but the cast members were great and it was actually fun. That night we ventured out to the lounge, snagged a table, ordered a pizza and had a hurricane party with everyone else. The cast members (waiters, bartenders) were again great. After a bit of wait we got our pizza and a couple of drinks, ate and watched the weather coverage. We headed back to the room in some rain and a bit of wind to continue our party. The storm turned north at the last minute and so we only got rain and wind. The next morning was cloudy and a breezy with occasional rain. Since most of the cast members were sent home to take care of themselves & family, there wasn't enough cast members to open the parks. With the exception of Animal Kingdom since employees had to come in to look after the animals. They opened Animal Kingdom to resort guests only and then opened the park in stages. Very low crowds. By that evening Downtown Disney was back open and the next morning all parks were back to normal - we spent a gorgeous day at Blizzard Beach. It was actually a lot of fun.


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Current track has us at 40-50+ sustained winds in Central Florida with 8-12"+ of rain on Friday. So far Saturday is down to 10% chance of rain we will see what the track shows tomorrow how close it will get. Any farther west and we will be in the 80+ mph winds in Central Florida.
Does anybody know if they would let us go to the Halloween party on the Monday if the parks close Friday? I am supposed to come Friday early in morning from Canada to do mickey party at night then a convention sat. I could leave tues instead of mon but I don't wanna change any flights yet if they just give refunds.

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