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Honeymoon-Worth it to upgrade to a Deluxe Resort?


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I would hope that on your honeymoon you would see a lot of the inside of your room:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:
Ha ha!!

That's funny now that I am reading back on what I wrote :) Sounds kind of silly to not want to spend time in your room on your honeymoon, huh? :)

Well, yes, of course the room is important for "alone time" on the honeymoon. It's just that there is so much to see and do at Disneyworld, that it will be a very active trip and I wanted to spend a lot of time outdoors during the day.



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Congrats! We also spent our honeymoon at Disney. We stayed at the Grand Floridian, which I cannot say enough good things about. Its a fabulous hotel. The grounds are very relaxing and tranquil, much like the poly. 2 totally different feels however obviously. In my humble opinion I would advise you to stay at the GF, you WILL NOT regret it. Its truly a beautiful hotel


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I'd also recommend taking a look at Disney's newest Weddings offering. It's called the Honeymoon Registry. Basically, it works like any other registry. You go online, pick the things you'd like to do while you're here (horseback riding, fireworks cruise, etc) and people can go online from anywhere, look at your registry and buy one of those activities as a gift to you.

More information is here...


It's brand new and looks to be really exciting!

slappy magoo

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Just another unsolicited idea to save some money...

There are people who are members of Disney's time share program, which is called The Disney Vacation Club. Some people opt to rent out their points any year they don't plan on going to WDW. It usually costs you 10 or 11 dollars a point to rent them...

Why do I bring this up? Because, for about the same price as getting a standard room at the Poly for a week in September (which is an awesome resort, beautiful, I'm not putting it down), you could rent a DVC member's points and get a one-bedroom villa in the Beach Club Villas, the Boardwalk Villas (preferred views, standard view would be even less), or the Wilderness Lodge villas. Beach Club & Boardwalk are walking distance from Epcot, and Wilderness Lodge is a ferry ride away from the Magic Kingdom, with some views of the Seven Seas Lagoon where you could see the Water Pageant and maybe even Wishes (maybe? Confirmation, anyone?) And in that one-bedroom villa, you'd have a seperate living area, a full kitchen (in case you're too tired to get up for breakfast, meow), and a Jacuzzi whirpool tub in your bedroom (to make you too tired for breakfast the next morning, double meow). Plus, it you still wanted to cut corners, having the kitchen might allow you to make an occasional meal in the room, saving money on food.

You could stay in a one-bedroom villa with comparable amenities for even less money in Saratoga Springs or Old Key West. Saratoga Springs is nice, though I don't know how romantic it is. OKW is, for my money, more romantic because it's more isolated, but that means no awesome views (though it does have ferry service to Downtown Disney).

Sorry if I've given you too many unnecessary options. The Poly does accept DVC points, but at a much higher exchange since the Poly isn't a DVC resort, which means it wouldn't save you any money to rent points to spend on the Poly. To your original question, count me in amongst those recommending you at least split up the honeymoon. PO-R is beautiful, my favorite of the mods, but the outside walkways means you're always more prone to hear noise, and people outside are more prone to hear you (again, I say, meow). Indoor walkways at least afford you a little more privacy, because only people going to and from their rooms should be in the hallways. And it's nice to split up the vacation anyway. When you're at the Poly you can do more MK and Epcot based stuff thanks to the monorail, and you can save MGM & AK & DTD stuff when you're at PO-R (Riverside also has a ferry to Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island).


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:wave: I agree with everyone. Split the nights. POR first, then Poly. we honeymooned at DW too at WL. that was the best deal then. I would highly recommend the POLY, though, for romantic setting. Yes, tell the resort its your honeymoon, and get special pins at guest services at the park to wear. You get lots of attention from the CM's and if youre lucky, some freebies!! You picked the most wonderful place in the world for a honeymoon. Yaaay!!:sohappy:


:sohappy: Hey, that's great news!!! We had our honeymoon there in October 1991. You made me say that didn't you... now I feel like an old fart! Now we have 3 kids and go every year to renew our vows... to Disney.

We chose to save some $$$ and spend more days, so we stayed at the Caribean Beach. It was fantastic! We would recommend opting for more days. If you have lots of cash, then go for the Poly, or again, even more days.

Best wishes to the two of you, and I hope you have as wonderful of a life as I have with a wonderful family!:wave:


If you can swing it, then go for it! My wife and I went back and forth about our honeymoon this past October. We decided on 12 nights at the Beach Club. We loved it and don't regret spending a penny!:sohappy:

Be sensible and take the cheaper route on other trips, this is your honeymoon and the start of your life with your spouse. Live it up!
I think that's a great idea to split up the time between the two resorts. I didn't even know that it could be done, so that's good news to me!!

One more thing, does anyone think it would be worth it to add on the dining plan during the stay? My fiance is 6'6'' (and he eats a lot!) :) . When we went last time (Jan 06) we didn't have the dining plan, but we missed on what I think could have been some great dining experiences.

Any thoughts? Thanks so much!!!:)
Congratulations! I agree with most everyone else - a few nights at POR, then a surprise upgrade to the Poly that they can even do for you while you're at the parks? How fun! You might even be able to do something cute; like telling your husband that you have to pack up your things the night before because they're moving you to a nicer room at POR. Then that night after the parks, you can do dinner at the Poly or even just say, "Honey, let's go tour the Polynesian before going back."

Then you can take him to your room - Surprise!

While I've never gotten the dining plan, if your fiance' eats a lot, I'd say go for it. How can you go wrong? He (and you) gets an appetizer, main course, dessert, and beverage. So the only thing you'll have to pay for is alcohal.

And since you also get a nice counter service meal as well as a sit down one, you can eat on the run while you're busy running through the parks, then take a nice relaxing couple of hours for dinner at some of the nice restaurants. Everyone raves about O'Hana's at the Poly, so maybe if you split the nights, that'll be a nice dinner and then you can go right to your room afterwards:wave:


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The Polynesian is a beautiful resort, but pricey. Why not start at POR and spend the last night or two at the Polynesian? The CMs will transfer your things over for you while you visit the parks. You can plan this as a surprise and make some brownie points. :lol:

Don't forget to let them know its your honeymoon when you make your reservations and ADRs.

Congratulations! :wave:
I agree with this poster completely. It will give you something to look forward to the last few nightsof your trip!


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Three words:
Animal Kingdom Lodge

Congrats! :wave:
Amen,Amen,Amen!!! My wife and I stayed at AKL on our honeymoon and I can't tell you how much we loved it and to us it is a very romantic place. A room at AKL is quite a bit cheaper than a room at the Poly if I am not mistaken. I know alot of folks say the transportation at AKL is horrible but we did not find this to be the case at all. As much as we love AKL we would still love to stay at the Poly in the future,it looks and sounds amazing but it's just a little bit too expensive for us right now. If you can afford it,by all means stay at the Poly but AKL is amazing and the price isn't quite as steep. No matter where you stay I feel sure you will still have an amazing time though,just focus on each other and the fact that you are in the most amazing place on earth and I guarantee you will leave with some amazing memories. Congratulations and we hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and an amazing life together!:D


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Splitting your stay is a great way to save some money and treat yourself to a deluxe resort. As some others have mentioned, you may want to also check out WL & AKL too.

Although I haven't done the dining plan yet (we will be over spring break this year), if you would like to take time out of your days to sit down and have a nice meal, then it is totally worth it. The one sit down meal/day usually more than pays for the entire day. Be sure to make your ADR's so that you are not disappointed with your choice of restaurants. Restaurants like LeCellier book quickly. Here's a link to menus to give you an idea of what you may spend on a meal. Don't forget that tax & tip is included.


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You know, I actually had someone tell me about purchasing (or renting as some people have called it) DVC points from vacation club members not too long ago...

Is it something that you have tried yourself? I was a little nervous about making a purchase that large over the internet (however, I believe you can use paypal to conduct the transaction, based on seller's preference, correct?)

Has anyone else tried this? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with it. It sounds like a great idea!!

Thanks so much!!!


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Also, does anyone know if there is a dedicated website to the Grand Floridian hotel (kind of like the one that everyone has suggested about the Polynesian resort?)

By the way, the website for the Polynesian was amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

Also, does anyone know if there is a dedicated website to the Grand Floridian hotel (kind of like the one that everyone has suggested about the Polynesian resort?)


This is NOT a full website about it (as I did a search and couldn't find one), but it gives details, pictures, prices, activities, etc. Hope you enjoy!

BTW, I looked into buying some DVC points awhile ago on random Disney websites. It sort of all depends on how you feel about doing business over the web. There are certain sites that are "Certified", or basically, people are trustworthy that sell here.

Doesn't mean it's always true, but I'd type up a new thread and ask people more about it - or search for an old thread. I bet you'd find quite a few! :)


I just had my wedding at WDW on 12/16/06 see trip report below if interested. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=115611&page=2

I think your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event and if at all possible go for the deluxe and take advantage of all that is offered. I feel the same as Tikiman in his post where he said the resorts have become ALMOST as important to his stays as the theme parks.
The resorts are one of the reasons we became DVC members, they are as nice as many resorts around the country plus they are in WDW!:D

We splurged big time with our room for our wedding and it was a dream come true!


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My wife and I went on our honeymoon at WDW. We did the land/sea cruise package. So we splurged for our honeymoon and stayed at the Polynesian. The way they work the land/sea packages now, you get 7 day passes regardless of you not being at WDW the whole time, so we decided to come right back after the cruise and extended our honeymoon to last an extra few days. When we returned, we stayed at Coronado Springs. So in a way, we split our stay too. Let me just say that while we spent quite a bit of money on the honeymoon, I have absolutely no regrets about staying at the Polynesian. It was a once in a lifetime event, and it is one I will never forget. I'm sure we'll be staying at moderate resorts from here on out, but it was nice just once to stay in the deluxe resort. I highly recommend it.


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Its your honeymoon! do it! If money is an issue, the Boardwalk Inn is usually not as much and is a great resort. I stay there even though I live 25 minutes away. Its a great resort!


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It depends on what your budge is and what your plans are. We are staying at a moderate which allows us the extra money for a couple backstage tours (dolphins and animal kingdom) and a magic kingom photo shoot. Plus we will be having several nice dinners. If we were staying at a deluxe we wouldn't be able to afford as many extras.


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DH and I stayed on our honeymoon at ASMu. We were on a tight budget. We didn't care there. We spent most of our time at the parks and we were only there to get ready for the parks and sleeping.


STAY AT THE POLY at least for part of the time. I would do the value resort first and then the POLY. That way you will not feel as if you are downgrading. We got married at the Poly in 2005, so we stayed there. It was great because we were able to have quick and easy transportation to anywhere that we needed to go (how much time do you want to sit around waiting for a bus?) and we could go back to our hotel room at the end of the day and WATCH THE MAGIC KINGDOM FIREWORKS FROM THE WARM POOL. You can't get any more romantic than that! You only get one honeymoon. Make it something that you'll never forget!
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