News Holiday crowds at Walt Disney World theme parks 2022


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Isn't a stress free fun vacation the way it's supposed to be? Not having to schedule every minute and look at your phone all day, make park reservations and 2pm hopping with no ability to change most things. I do miss that too, and that's why we are now Universal converts. I love the freedom and spontaneity at Universal. I know it's not disney, but at this point I don't care.
I had to laugh at the phone comment you made. I do agree.
There is a commercial playing here in Pennsylvania, not sure if it’s playing elsewhere. It’s not a Disney commercial but more of a Florida/Orlando commercial where they show Disney, Uni.. I think SeaWorld and maybe another park or two. One spot in the ad shows people walking through the park with the announcer saying..” it’s a place to put the phones away”. Obviously they haven’t been to Disney lately. I think I had over a hundred people walk into or very close into me a few weeks back.
Would love to go back to the no phone days.


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I think Genie+ "fails" to provide a good guest experience on all days but is worse on busy days.

I agree, Genie+ is a success to the company as it MAKES MONEY.
As for the guest experience, that is low on the priority list for the company and is seen as nothing to do with MAKING MONEY.

Every one that I talked to that used G+ actually had a good experience with it. These people ranged from first time WDW vacationers to WDW veterans.

General complaints I've heard about it are things like the cost, the UI sucked, waking up at 7AM - the usual things. But the functionality and the result of it? They thought it worked.

So this tells me that many people put up a lot of crap to skip lines and at the end of the day saving time outweighed all the other nonsense. Disney does a good job setting expectations that you're going to pay a stupid amount of money to have fun.

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