News Holiday crowds at Walt Disney World theme parks 2022


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If we ever do a holiday trip near or over Christmas, we will definitely plan it to be a relax at resort, soak up atmosphere in parks and see decorations, go to dinner kind of trip.

Rides we will definitely just pick and choose which ones we want and which we can skip! Would probably be a shorter than normal trip for us also.

We'll probably never visit Disney over the holidays. 😂

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Because they don’t have enough to handle the standby numbers (Iger)…and they want you to buy genie (Iger and chapek)

…once they wanted you out of the lines so you could shop (Eisner)

…we all caught up now?
Iger will fix it….Increase staffing, lower ticket prices, EME and EMM return for all Resort Guests, Fastpass returns, remove Parking fees at Resorts….

That should reduce the crowds, right?


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Anyone heard what lines are like for quick service/mobile order/carts?
Unless we’re talking about a different planet…they have to be a nightmare.

Numbers. When people are displaced out of ride lines…they go to look for alternatives with food Mostly…

Then the frustration of having a ticket you can’t really use for anything starts to creep in.


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Oh you’re getting extra Disney Real coal on Sunday Morning!
The perpetrators won’t get far…

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