HKDL gets new castle, frozen land and marvel land.


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Does anyone know how marvel land is progressing, it seems that there is only news about world of frozen.
Since the Momentous fire works are much less than before, also the HK current finance is not great, I am afraid that the HKDL might not have enough money to do the marvel land expansion
Did you just answer your own question



Sand art illustrates the touching moments​

"Life is a beautiful collection of memories and magical encounters💕. Local sand artist Snow Chung illustrates these touching moments appealingly through her artistic creations📚. With sand, she tells the story of someone from a loving family lucky enough to develop many happy childhood memories in the park. Along the life journey, they exchange vows with their true love💕, overcome obstacles, and cherish the important moments and people in their lives. Finally, they get inspired by the soul-stirring "Momentous" journey with their friends and family 🏰."

The youtube description


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I have a question, when will we see the regular daytime and nighttime parades return into the park.

Was wondering that to. Will they even bring back Flights of Fantasy or at some point debut a brand new parade? As for Paint The Night, the only hold up I can think of is staffing or Momentous.

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