Have you seen Song of the south in its entirety

Have you watched song of the south in its entirety

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My family and I saw it in the Drive-in in 1973 in California. (4 kids plus mom and dad. I was 9.)
My dad has told us about the bull goring scene in advance so each of us 4 kids asked him every 2 minutes "is this the part with the bull?"

WEll- the bull goring incident doesn't happen until the end- so we asked him in total at least 50 times.
My dad finally got really mad and said he wished he had never told us about it.
Then when it finally happened it was such a let down. It wasn't that graphic or scary.

That, and Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah are the only parts I remember.
Definitely not the best Disney movie, but a funny memory for me.


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You know truthfully why bother? come on it's a very old movie, as others have said it was simply ok and the cost to do all of that probably isn't worth the return. let the thing die.
cause Disney likes to reboot things lol who knew all the evil people were just misunderstood!!!
I was half kidding earlier, the only thing good that came out of the movie was the song...


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No dialogue needed, and just be honest. How many of you have seen the movie beginning to the end.. and for you old timers remember it ;)
I'm over 65, and I remember seeing it a very long time ago. I remembered the storyteller and the animated tales about Brer Rabbit, etc. I was probably under 10 years old the last time I saw it. But I will always love the theme song Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. It's a joyous and uplifting song!


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I've seen it twice. It's long gone, but someone used to have the full film on YouTube. My husband grew up with the book @Miss Jennifer posted, the stories were his favorite as a child, so I wanted to see it. The second time we watched it, it was as a family...with our kids, who were so young that they really only cared about it during some of the animated spots. We did eventually find my husband's childhood book in my MIL's attic, but not before buying him The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus.


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I have a copy on Laser Dics (from Japan). Just watched it again last night. Yes, the dialog could easily be considered over the top stereo types, but so do plenty of other films of various different peoples and cultures (even ones just made). Yes, it does not show "negative affects of slavery" (much). But it does show poor white people in the same conditions as the ex-slaves.

The antagonists of the film are all white (the mean white trash boys, the mother and the father that have their priorities all wrong). The blacks in the film are all shown in a good light, providing the true family connections, spiritual connections, and just good sense. Of course the hero of the film is Uncle Remus becoming the surrogate father to the boy who's parents are not acting in his best interests. Uncle Remus does not care that the boy is white. The boy does not care that Uncle Remus is black. We could use more of that kind of message today.
Overall, the reaction to the film is WAY overblown IMO.


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"Arrrg there be pirates off me starboard side!" DVD. It is quite good quality. The site said they had recently improved their DVD image, but
this was quite a while ago.


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I saw it at the old movie theater they used to have in the Contemporary. Before VCRs were common, this was one of the few venues where you could watch old Disney movies.

I can't say I remember much, if anything about it.


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I saw it many years ago as a child. I recall liking the bluebird, and thinking I'd like to have an uncle who could tell magical stories that came alive like Uncle Remus' stories came alive.


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As a kid I saw the Apple Dumpling Gang and Herbie movies and thats it... I really never cared for Disney movies... oh forgot I also saw one of the POTC movies..


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Yes...and while not “progressive”...I’m not sure it wouldn’t have ticked jim Crowe types off in 1948 for its subdued portrayals.

This is beyond silly. Today’s world is about two things:
1. Embracing stupidity and a lack of knowledge/wisdom
2. Mining the past for future grievances

And before I get labeled politically...rest assured I’m NOT that guy
Is this laugh floor?
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