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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

Edward Jackson

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referring to the continuous slow motion of the cars....through scene after scene. there was no thrill besides what may be happening in the scene. gringotts has little coaster sections that deliver you to each scene. are you saying thd fact that you cant see the transition literally take place (like moving from one room to another) in snow white is the issue?
I didn't say there was an issue. You mentioned, in reference to Snow White, the sma coaster bits take the place of slow boring transitions in a classic like say snow whites scary adventures. I was just pointing out the transitions were continuous.


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Sort of like how IJA has to pause to let the rat mist screen become flat again after the last Jeep disrupts it.

Hey, it IS like IJA!
For the record (someone correct me if I'm wrong), I believe the pause in the journey is to allow the Jeep ahead to clear the next block, not to allow the mist screen to reset (it hardly works even with the pause!)

Edward Jackson

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That really is very cool. It definitely shows you how little I know about roller coaster construction. The first thing that ran through
my mind when I saw the picture was, why start there? Still very cool to see.
Probably started there because there is additional construction that has to happen to close that section in once the track is installed.


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I'm spitballing here, and it's probably already been discussed elsewhere, but I'm guessing that the roof/walls were constructed first due to all the integrated electronics/technologies built into the track/ride that needed shielding from the weather. This ain't space mountain after all.
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