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News Guardians of the Galaxy attraction confirmed for Epcot


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The gravity building as of today. Panels are going higher and higher.

Still digging up stuff inside the pavilion. They do have materials waiting to be installed inside now, though.

The transition tunnel has a bit of extra metal. Notably, a ramp on the left side that's going upwards into the gravity building. Also I'm still not sure, but I think that's a piece of track on the right. It looks like one at least, with the spaced out gaps and two smaller metal bits just off of the main one.

By the old exits, a big ol' beam has gone up. May be related to the supposed column that got damaged, or just part of the new queue stuff.

Out front they have some ducting waiting to be installed behind the tarp.

Likewise, ducting has gone up in the gravity building itself.

And a whoooole bunch of piping layout out in the front of the pavilion.

And this is an old pic, but I'm fairly certain this central spine sorta thing has been demolished. You can see through to the other side now. As far as I know this should be the only column that isn't up against the exterior walls. Was this the one that got hit or something?

Even with some spaceship thing in front of it, this'll still be a nice view when it's done.
I'll be honest, the first picture does kind of blend in to the sky...
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