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Got my ME tags in the mail !!!


Well-Known Member
Ooooohhhhh, the package! I look over mine so much before I leave, the edges become crumpled and look like parchment! :lol:

I'm expecting mine in a little less than a month so maybe I can give my flight papers, original reservation paperwork and my MNSSHP tickets a break and wear the package out.

Congratulations and have a wonderful vacation!

Ha, that's pretty funny! We always make sure we open the mail from DME together (as if we don't both know what's inside). Definitely an exciting moment in the countdown stage!


Premium Member
I'm 18 days out and I don't have mine yet. I'm not worried though - Pam and her crew at Kingdom Konsultants made our arrangements. We are in very good hands!

Love you Pam! :kiss:


Well-Known Member
Anyone besides me keep their ME booklets as souvenirs or extra tags as a way to remeber past trips and where I've stayed?:lookaroun

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