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Gideon's Bakehouse coming to Disney Springs

Walt d

Well-Known Member
I wonder if they got a deal on the lease. Right now their cookies are $5, which sounds really cheap for Disney Springs. I think a donut shop would do really well too. Not enough donuts at Disney.
They need to put a police station in next door. And they will never Close again!


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I can just already tell I wouldn't like the cookies because they have WAY too many chocolate chips (or other types of chips for other cookies). I like my cookies to be sparsely scattered with chips as a flavor enhancer, not as the entire flavor.

That's obviously personal preference, though, and not any objective indicator of quality.
I get that. They have non-chip flavors that you might like! No chips on their coffee cake cookie and that one was my favorite!


Premium Member
I finally got to try a cookie today!

Classic Chocolate Chip.

I'm not a Cookie Snob/Connoisseur, but I really liked it, fresh, moist and chewy thought so many chips were going to overpower the dough, but you can still taste it.
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