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Gideon's Bakehouse coming to Disney Springs

Excited for them to officially open! This is on the top of our list for places to hit at Disney Springs when we arrive later this month ... getting some of their cookies was on our list before the new location opened, so even happier now that there is one on property.


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I would rather a family business make money if they're honest. If they aren't - they have no business being in business. Period.

Conglomerates and larger companies are far better regulated - a fact easily shown earlier in this topic when it was mentioned that Gideons refuses to provide ingredient information because they're small enough that they dont have to due to their lack of size.

I get your basic point - and we all want to support mom and pop businesses, now more than ever. But I'm not supporting a mom and pop just to support them if they can't be good stewards of the community. And regardless of Gideon's target audience, their alleged behavior or suspected behavior doesn't get justified simply because of that.
as i dont live near one i havent looked that indepth, are they listing allergens. I dont care if they list all the ingredients maybe there something that nobody is allergic to that is his secret ingredient or he has odd ingredients. But allergens there is no excuse, i say that as someone who has a nephew that is allergic to everything but air.


Let's see. Unplanned and unexpected closure. For what it's worth, I was told that Disney allegedly does not allow their 3rd parties to close locations completely once they've started business operations unless there's severe circumstances (COVID related ones fit that circumstance requirement). It's written in their agreement. A little glance at their Disney Springs site seems to confirm that they had planned on them being open now.

Then there's the radio silence from the business

Then there's the blocked social media comments.

Let's be clear - nobody knows for absolute sure until the business confirms.

But... Put your money where your mouth is. I'd be willing to bet $10K it's COVID related. You?
Now who's being a bit misguided?

People here just want to make inflammatory statements like this one for no real reason other than some irrational dislike of this business. This is the typical WDWMagic Forum negativity-machine in full effect.

Too many people are very pressed over this place -- it's beyond bizarre.
So, maybe my use of the word "libel" in a previous post was a little much, but this idle speculation?
It seems a bit overwrought.

I HOPE that their closure wasn't Covid-related in the same way I hope it wasn't botulism-related.
I do hope that they're transparent about the reasons.

Open invitation: when all of this Covid stuff is over (please God...let it be over soon), we should sit down in person and have a cookie and a coffee and talk about the things we LOVE about Disney.

Also: I don't work for Gideon's at all but it seems like it would be fun (if I had any baking skills at all, which I don't).


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Dang, I wonder what the average time is that a customer spends inside the shop buying their cookies. They should have to order ahead online and just go in and pay.


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Dang, I wonder what the average time is that a customer spends inside the shop buying their cookies. They should have to order ahead online and just go in and pay.
I feels like I'm always behind someone that still has no idea what they want when they get to the register.

Mobile order is the best invention ever. I hope Gideons take advantage of it soon.


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We had their cookies for the first time last summer. We ordered in advance and picked them up at their original location. I was in and out in less than 3 minutes. The cookies are delicious but there is no way I would spend anything over 15 minutes waiting for them, especially during the pandemic. Also there are many recipes on line that approximate the cookie quite well.


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I finally visited and here are some takeaways if anyone was interested:

1) Distanced line outside
2) They only use virtual queue if the demand is high, the day I went they didn't need to move to virtual so you had about a 40 min line outside and this went on for until early afternoon when I left (I don't know if they moved to virtual later that day).
3) Only about 4 parties inside, distanced. There is a mini queue and then 2-3 cashier areas.
4) For those wondering how long people take inside, they serve the cookies fast but we had to wait a bit for the coffee. They also distribute menus while you're waiting outside and ask you if you have any questions before entering, hopefully trying to decrease the time customers spend inside deciding.
5) there are Plexiglas glass shields in the check-out area.
6) Workers use masks and face shields.
7) They are still keeping the door closed unless people are entering or leaving.


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Here is the Double Frosted cake slice - Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana.



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Both are extremely good. I've been through the entire menu now, and it is well worth the hype.

I can just already tell I wouldn't like the cookies because they have WAY too many chocolate chips (or other types of chips for other cookies). I like my cookies to be sparsely scattered with chips as a flavor enhancer, not as the entire flavor.

That's obviously personal preference, though, and not any objective indicator of quality.

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