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Trip Report Fun With Friends & Family!!

Starting this TR is LOOOOONG overdue!! It's actually been hanging over me like a dark cloud for quite some time. I've wanted to start it but, you know, life, work & a few Disney trips in the mix get in the way!! Speaking of Disney, I don't know what is possessing me to start this now considering I'm heading down on Friday so that will put this on hold for a bit!! If only I(& my phone battery) had it in me to do live TR's it might make these more timely!!

WHEN: Thursday, October 27th - Tuesday, November 1st
Yep, I'm going to take you back to the fall/Halloween decorations time period!! It feels like forever ago(I guess b/c it was!!) It feels so strange talking about this when earlier this month I was able to ride Tron during the AP preview period. By the time I get to that one it will definitely be "old news"!!

WHERE: Saratoga Springs Preferred 1BR Villa(@Darstarr😘)

Our super fun friends!!
@lindawdw & her husband!!

Our super fun family!!
I think you know us by now but as a refresher--
Niece E, Sister E, Sister C(funny, it makes them sound like they are nuns!!🤣), BIL D, Niece A, Nephew J and yours truly!!

Remember at the end of our last trip where Happy Limo forgot about us?? Yeah, me too. I really did not want to use their service ever again after that. But, unfortunately, we already had it booked for this trip so we decided to still go with them. I'm happy to report that they must have learned a lesson b/c the texts from them were a bit overkill compared to our past trips. I got this one the night before we left--

Then this one a few minutes later--

As you can see even though they have left a bad taste in my mouth I was still cordial!!

We had an evening flight on Thursday. We left after J got home from school. Their Halloween party was that day & I asked him what his costume was supposed to be. He told me he was dressed as "a cool kid."

While E parked the car J & I had headed through security where my suitcase had to be searched. I'll fill you in later as to what I was carrying that was so bad!!

He & I got a table at Friday's & ordered while we waited for E to get there.

Cool kid wanted to sit with me on the plane!!

During the flight I got yet another message from Happy Limo. This message confirmed who I thought would be our driver. I told E & J to be prepared. He was my driver once the year before. He loves to talk like Donald Duck. Don't get me wrong he's very good but imagine me being in a car(a grown woman) with a grown man who's talking to me in a Donald Duck voice. It was nothing short of AWKWARD!!!
So, on this run, we tried to keep the conversation flowing so the opportunity didn't come up. Knowing that he does this(@Doc Disney can attest) I could tell he was anxiously awaiting his chance to start. And boy, did he ever!! The rest of the way there!! Once we parted ways with him E was just shaking her head. I again reiterated about how I felt being in a car with just he & I!!



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Even though we endured a lot on the ride at least I was able to get probably the best(even though they are blurry) pictures of the sign that I ever have!!


While we were at the Pittsburgh airport we received the room ready text.

Hello Saratoga Springs!!



J quickly claimed the murphy bed so he & E slept in the living room area.

I got the bedroom & a little bit more than I bargained for.

This!! o_O 😱😲

No, it's not mine. Now, not that I expect that housekeeping is going to wipe down the inside of the drawers but don't you think they should go through them after a guest checks out? Then my mind really started wandering. How long had it actually been there??
See, I normally don't use the drawers. Not that I'm afraid that I'm going to leave something behind(like this poor soul did) but it almost feels like I'm putting my clothes in a public place. I know, I'm a bit strange. Since this wasn't a super short trip there were a couple of things that I did feel the need to put in the drawer. Lesson learned, I'll probably never do that again!!

I'm sorry if this is TMI but the funnier thing was for a minute I was puzzled. I know from the tag(& no, I didn't touch it) that it is from Victoria's Secret. And how do you think I know that?? Obviously, I have a few myself!! Therefore, during my puzzled moment I started second guessing if I had absentmindedly put it in the drawer myself!!🤣 Once I looked in my suitcase it reaffirmed that I hadn't!!

What are the chances that it's still there.....🤔


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I headed out early for a walk around this beautiful resort.

So, we were on the 3rd floor right at the end. Once you came down the 2 flights of steps you were literally right across the street from this. This was the absolute best location that one could get!!


Such a pretty resort!! I think deep down Saratoga & Riverside are somehow related!! :)

Had to snap these to send to R. Didn't want to rub it in but.......


One with a little more daylight.

This one is actually from the evening before. I don't know what is going on with my pictures but they are not downloading in order & it's making me struggle.

Traditional pic to send to niece, A, to remind her of the time she got her knee stuck in that same fence a few years ago!! I know, we're so mean!!

Any guesses as to where we were headed??🤣


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We have never stayed at SSR being DVC members because it just feels so spread out, but I do love the new refurbishment that they did on the rooms and your TR's are making me warm up to the location and ambiance! Are you heading over to DHS???


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Yeah, let me rewind to Thursday. Here's a few more that I missed.....

I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.....

Getting ready to board!!

I'm afraid this TR is going to end up like Pulp Fiction!!

I'm sure you all figured this would be our first stop!! Actually, it was E's.
IMG_4338 - Copy.JPEG

She got in line while J & I went here. Now that I think about it, this seems to happen more often than not!!
IMG_6358 - Copy.JPEG

Hello friend behind us!!

Yes, I knew my sister was going to kill me......

IMG_6367 - Copy.JPEG

But, at least J was happy!! And I promised that I would put it in my suitcase for the return home.

There she is. Time to break the news......


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Surprisingly, E still ordered me a flight even though she wasn't thrilled about the light saber!! Actually, she's still not thrilled about it. I just saw her yesterday & she is still complaining about it 5 months later!!

The usual breakfast of champions at Baseline!!

With a very special friend!!

@lindawdw's birthday was the day earlier so we brought her a little treat!! J's job was to keep it hidden until we all sat down then he would give it to her. He did a good job!! BTW--that was the item that set up the red flag going through airport security!! I'm still trying to process that!!

We were having a wonderful time together!!

J was getting a bit antsy though so I took him to Smuggler's Run while @lindawdw & E continued on!!



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@lindawdw's husband had arrived!! Yay--the gang's all here!! Since we(speaking for E & myself) had our liquid courage we were ready to take on ToT!!

Or were we?? Look at the door.

I happened to notice this CM kept opening the door & staring at us. I was getting creeped out!!

And he definitely noticed it b/c he kept doing it!!

As if I didn't have enough anxiety already!!

I was concerned that he would end up coming up behind us during the preshow but that never happened!!

I'm surprised he didn't photobomb our picture!!

So, @lindawdw were on one side and E, J & myself were on the other until....J decided to switch places with @lindawdw's husband!! 😲(Watch out, @TrolleyFollower91!!)


J looks scared to death but @lindawdw can attest that he really does like it!! Then there's E....she truly is scared!! Her face cracks me up!!

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