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I have the same questions.


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We flew Frontier for our first (and probably last) time last month on our way home from Orlando. (We'd flown down on Southwest)
We chose it because it was the only reasonably-priced flight home that wasn't a morning flight that killed our final day. And even with paying for a checked bag and the extra legroom seats it was still cheaper than the other options.

That being said... The seats were very uncomfortable. Enough legroom yes (even then, the "extra legroom" seats were about the same as the standard legroom on Jetblue), but the seats were WAY too hard. (If it were a commuter flight under an hour, fine. A 2:45 flight? Nope) Bring a cushion or something to sit on.

We at least had full-size tray tables because of the extra legroom row. My bf didn't like that *nothing* was included in beverage service. He bought a vodka but a mixer wasn't included in the price, he had to pay more.

We weren't at an on-site hotel to use resort luggage check-in, so we had to check our bags at the airport. Check-in at MCO was a nightmare. The line was extremely long, overflowed the established queue, went down the hallway and curved in toward the main lobby area. We got in line almost 2 hours before our flight. At some point we realized the 7 or 8 people who'd been working the counter had suddenly dwindled to 4 or 5. No idea where they went. After 45 minutes we were one back-and-forth from the front of the line when they called for people on our flight to step out of line and come to the position on the end. Luckily we had TSA Precheck and were right through security because we only had time to buy a snack and bottle of water before our flight started boarding.

So final takeaway is that Frontier is now classified as "emergency use only" with us. And likely only if it's somewhere we can get to non-stop. I'll stick with Jetblue and Southwest wherever possible.

Thank you for the honest review. Frontier has recently become an option for me, but it doesn't sound like one I would use.
I have a large family of two adults and six children and we fly out of the Boston area into Orlando I keep my eyes peeled on the Frontier sales because they recently started flying out of Providence. Now you don’t get any free snacks not even drinks you do need to pay a small extra fee to sit where you what are usually do is I put one kid in the middle next to one of my older children and we sort of do two per row down the line I keep my eyes out for the sales because I can fly my family of eight round-trip from Providence Orlando for approximately $600 round-trip. We go dirt cheap with airfare so that I’m able to book a nice hotel we bring small bags the type that you store on to your seat my cousin laughingly calls me Mary Poppins because of the amazing amount of things we can fit in the bag. So I don’t mind flying with Frontier are used to fly with JetBlue but I would rather save Thousand dollars and put it towards the rest of my trip.
We recently flew Frontier down and back from Philadelphia -a roughly 2 hour flight. It’s a bare bones airline for sure: everything is an upcharge, no free snack or beverage, no magazine, cheap and rigid seats, barely adequate service at the airport, etc. However, it was a cheap option that worked out fine. I am 6’ 4” and have come to give up on ever being comfortable on a plane. Rarely do I even bother paying for leg room seats, though I do love them. On Frontier, none of the seats recline, so I actually found it a more comfortable experience than riding in another average coach seat.

If you’re flying two hours or less and find Frontier a significantly cheaper option, go ahead and book. It will get you there. And think of it this way: going down, you have so much to look forward to, a slightly uncomfortable flight won’t get you down; coming back, even the cushiest legroom seat won’t keep you from feeling blue.


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Worst. Airline. Ever. (from a customer POV)

Cheap fares lure you in, but be prepared to pay for almost everything else - including a seat.
My mom's used them a few times going out of Trenton and into North Carolina (not MCO). She says they're fine, but disclaimer - my mom is awesome, she's hard-pressed to say anything negative about anyone or anything outside of politicians, she was born during the tail end of the Depression and her formative years were spent during WWII followed by Duck and Cover air raid drills, so if a sub-2-hour airplane ride that one of her daughters is paying for isn't ideal, she's probably not going to say Boo about it.