Trip Report From Droids to Toys… Texting The Boy and Can We Just Blame It On Captain Hook? Our September 2019 Disney Journey (Including Another Ross’ Return!)

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Honestly, I wish we would have opted to wait for the next bus because this one was PACKED. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until we were on and our luggage was stored underneath. There were literally 3 seats left. Thankfully there were 2 together, so I told Julia and Hope to sit next to each other and I sat a few rows back.


Soon we were on our way!

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Once at AoA, I hadn’t received a room ready text, so we headed for the food court. Even though it was almost noon, there was still one station serving breakfast. We decided to share 2 breakfast platters. Since we had a room only reservation, we didn’t have a dining plan and boy is it hard to pay almost $30.00 for 2 breakfast platters!


I hate the paper straws – I tried, but nope – hate them. I actually brought a whole bag of plastic straws with me and I was happy I did.


Hope displaying her good manners.


Where’s Hope?


There she is!


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I wanted to go check on our room status so I went to give Hope her i-Pod to keep busy so she would behave for Julia, - only I couldn’t find it! I had her double check her bag and she couldn’t locate it either! She thought maybe she left it on the plane! Thankfully after checking through the other bags we found it! Crisis averted!

I left the girls and went to ask about our room. Sure enough, as soon as I asked, the CM said it was ready. I also had 2 packages from Amazon with water and apple juice – she conformed they were there and said it would be brought up with our ME luggage.

There was some kind of remodeling going on in front of the gift shop.


Hope are you tired?


We made our way to our room. Ariel’s building room number 8510. Hope remembered falling down last year and I am happy to report, we did not repeat that.


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The girls contemplated taking a nap, but decided that Disney was calling them. Hope and I headed for the pool, but Julia had other plans. She wanted to go right to the drawing class and see if she could chat it up with one of the artists. It was the first of many reminders during this trip that my little girl was so grown up and could do things on her own.

I did ask her to take some pictures for me, but that didn’t go so well. Lol

Hope wanted to start in the Cars pool, so off we went.



I really like this pool – maybe it’s the little shelters they have? I don’t know – but I enjoy it even more than the Big Blue Pool.

I didn't realize that AoA was doing refurbishments on their rooms.


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Hope also wanted to do her “tour” of the resort, which basically means that she wants to get a picture in front of all the characters.

We swam in the Big Blue Pool. Hope made sure I was aware that the pool is going to be closed this time next year for refurbishment.


Then we headed to Ariel’s Flippin Fins Pool. Julia had met up with us at the Big Blue, but then left us to do another drawing class.


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When we returned to our room, all our ME luggage and my Amazon order was there.


The one thing I hate about a split stay is that I can’t unpack and get organized until I know we are where we will stay put. So I left our suitcases untouched.


We got ready for dinner. AT 6:00PM we were on our way to DS.


Hope was beyond excited to see the new buses. She decided she wanted to ride all 6 of the character buses during our stay. Would we get to? Well, we we off to a good start…


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We were starving and Julia knew exactly where she wanted to eat…


We split a plain pie and a salad. How I didn’t take a picture of the pizza? I have no idea! Yet I got the greens!


Honestly, Julia really kept me on my toes this year – I would have failed miserably at food pictures if not for Julia reminding me.


After we ate, we had a purchase to make. Disney spoiled us by giving us MNSSHP tickets last year. The girls wanted to go again and I have to admit, I did too. Thanks to grandma, we all got our wish. My mom decided to give us money to buy the tickets. I had tried to purchase the tickets before we left AoA, but the line was ginormous! I thought I could go into Guest Services at DS and buy them – but that line was also crazy. Miss Hope told me to go into the “Ticket Center”. I had never seen or heard of this store, but Hope was insistent that we could buy the tickets there, so in we went. Sure enough we could – and did! There was only a handful of people there, so there was no wait! Good call Hope! Hope and Julia got to relax and watch a few Mickey shorts while I made our purchase.


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After we got our tickets attached to our MB’s, we headed out. We shopped around, but I told the girls not to buy anything until we moved to POP. I didn’t want anything more to transfer over.


I also wanted a picture…


We looked in our favorite stores and Hope found something right away she wanted… but I told her to wait until Saturday.


I tried to buy these for Julia, but she said no.


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I offered to go over to the Poly to get a Dole Whip and watch HEA from the beach, but I was vetoed. Instead the girls wanted ice cream from DS and then head back to AoA.

And if I thought the $30.00 breakfast was crazy expensive, I obviously hadn’t counted on $25.00 ice cream. Free Disney Dining can’t come soon enough!


With our ice cream melting away, we heading for the busses. I am amazed that POP and AoA are the LAST stops at EVERY bus stop. For some reason I thought the All-Stars would earn that distinction, but no AoA is dead last. I was hoping it would help to burn off some of the calories of my ice cream! I can dream right?


Back at the resort, we all got into bed and fell asleep quickly. Our first day was complete and I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep!


Thursday September 5th - Continued... (Finally)

Once we landed, we used the restrooms and headed for Magical Express.

View attachment 459883View attachment 459884View attachment 459885View attachment 459886View attachment 459887

Have to say, Hope definitely managed well with helping out with the luggage.

View attachment 459888View attachment 459889View attachment 459890

And when we reached ME – she was super excited to use her Small World Magic Band to start our adventure. The CM was sweet and gave her an activity book and some cards to go with it.

View attachment 459891View attachment 459892

We got on line and waited for only a few minutes before we were sent to a bus.
Hooray!! I've been waiting for your report!


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So glad you are back. I agree about the bus stops but it is because AOA and POP use the double buses that is why that are always last (at least that is what I was told).


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When I woke up today I received a push message that you replied to this TR, my heart skipped a beat! I am so happy you and your family are doing ok! Also very excited to read your report and love the photos! You made me very happy today, thank you!
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