Trip Report From Droids to Toys… Texting The Boy and Can We Just Blame It On Captain Hook? Our September 2019 Disney Journey (Including Another Ross’ Return!)

Once again, another amazing trip is complete and I have to say… it’s been really hard returning to reality this time. But such is life…

You guys should know us by now…


Me – Mary/Mom


Ross/Dad /Grumpy – as stated on his MagicBand


Julia/Sissy/ Teenager in Love


Hope/My Droid Hating Princess whose Autism always lends to some entertaining drama.


If you are new to my TR’s or if you need the background of our trip feel free to read my pre-trip…

Disclaimer: As I am typing up this trip report, my mind is already dreaming of our next adventure. Will I finish this TR before it gets here? Only time will tell.

All caught up? Allrighty then! Let’s go!

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Day 1: Thursday September 5th

Actually, I’ll start from Wednesday the 4th. I am always in a state of delusion thinking that I will be all ready to go and relaxed by this day. I don’t think it has ever happened! Needless to say, I was running around taking care of last minute things and today was no exception. By the time I was ready to turn in for the night, it was past 11:00PM. Ross wasn’t working, so I had no human alarm clock, so between being scared that I was going to sleep through my alarm and just being excited that our trip was here – there was no getting to sleep for me. Instead, I took a shower and got all our stuff ready. By 2AM, I was waking up the girls and by 3AM we were heading off to the airport.


By the time we reached the park & fly, I was EXHUSTED. At least I didn’t have to fuss with the bags – the park & fly place was great and took care of it all for us. We arrived at the airport and got our bags checked in and then through security. Hope and I walked through the regular metal detector but they made Julia go though the large one. I joked with her and said it must be her blue hair.

We found a seat and got settled while we waited for our flight to board.


I got coffee and apple juice and a couple of breakfast sandwiches for us. I realized I forgot to bring Hope’s apple slices and raisin bread, so she settled for some chips instead.

Let the texting begin…


The boy is terrified of planes – he gets frantic whenever she has to travel. My kind hearted daughter promised that she would text him when she boarded and as soon as the plane was on the ground. She also told him that in the case if something horrible happened, she would text him as the plane was going down to tell him she loved him.

Me: “Did you really tell him that?”
Julia: “Yes, but I don’t think it made him feel any better.”
Me: “I wonder why?” :rolleyes:

Our flight boarded at 7AM. I always request to board with disability and Jet Blue is always awesome about it. It was a good call because it took us a few minutes to get settled. It was a smaller plane than I am used to – and it was completely filled. Jet Blue was offering to check carry-on luggage for anyone who wanted to.


Soon we were in the air and Florida bound!


I never sleep on planes, but I was now up for about 27 hours and I felt myself drifting off. I told Julia to be sure that Hope did not get up and try to fly the plane while I was sleeping. Turns out, Julia passed out soon after take off…


Hope was excited that Detective Pikachu was going to play. She has become quite the Pokémon fan lately. I thought that you have to pay to watch the movies, but Hope insisted that you did not, and of course, she was right. So she and I watched the movie during the flight. I drifted in and out of sleep, which was good because it was a very turbulent flight out. When Julia woke up, she too watched Pikachu (the movies repeats) until we landed.


And no Jet Blue Flight would be complete without...

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