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Hey everyone I am using my DVC for the first time in a week and want to know any secrets or any advice you all can provide to give me the most bang for my buck.

thanks in advance.

slappy magoo

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If you enjoy lots of sitdown meals with some beer or wine, and maybe not always with an appetizer and/or dessert, it may be better to get the Tables in Wonderland discount versus a dining plan.

If you think you'll be going back within a year, get the annual pass with the DVC discount. Even if you think you'll be going back EXACTLY in a year, just roll that vacation back one week and your tickets are paid for.

Other than that, "Bang for the buck" is in the eyes of the beholder, without knowing what you like to do on vacation, or if you just want to hit the parks as much as possible every day, the DVC membership itself might be good on its own.

Where you staying?


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Lot's of places at WDW offer 10% DVC discounts. Be sure to bring you membership card with you and don't be afraid to ask.


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Definitely get the TiW card, Dining plan USED to be a good deal but no longer UNLESS you want 3 TS meals per day in which case deluxe dining plan is probably a more economical choice. As @ParentsOf4 noted always ask for the DVC discount.

Also as @slappy magoo notes the AP is a good deal - it makes sense if you are going more than once per year OR if you are staying 10 days or longer, AP also has discounts on food/beverages/merchandise. Currently Disney is running a special on AP's for DVC members

Also if you do not have a Disney VISA apply for one, Use it to pay your member fees (pay it off in full ever month) any you will earn hundreds of rewards dollars which can be spent at Disney. You can even make this automatic!


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First I want to say Welcome Home. My advice is now that you are a Disney Vacation Club member take it easy. You do not have to see everything and ride every ride this trip, you will be back soon. Relax and enjoy just wondering the parks and taking in the little details that make Disney so magic.


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Welcome to the club. As others have stated, you can always ask what discounts are available. Enjoy the resort and be sure to keep your "Portable Perks" guide with you as you roam the World.


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Has anyone taught you the handshake yet? It gets you into the secret club in each park. You didn't think those were really all sales kiosks did you?...I've said too much...:oops:o_O;)

Seriously, TIW is a solid savings as others have said. If you want a different perspective on wishes try Top of the World at BLT. Just show your member card in the lobby and the guy at the desk will activate the elevator for you. It sorta is like a real secret club I guess;)
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