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Favourite WDW Resort


New Member
I've Been to:
The Yacht Club
Grand Floridian
Animal Kingdom Lodge

Despite the fact that busses are the only transportation and my room was a two day walk from the entrance DAK Lodge was by far my favorite resort... next trip im staying at Port Orleans for one night (i forget which part) and the rest of the trip were staying at Saratoga Springs, which looks nice and the pool seems cool but, i dont think either of those could ever outrank Animal Kingdom....


New Member
I love the Poly.

I love Old Key West (though the place could use a renovation)

I liked both parts of Port Orleans

but I think the Yacht or the Beach Club are probably the best, especially with that pool and the location of the two is awesome.


Well-Known Member
I've stayed at:
- Contemporary
- Polynesian
- Wilderness Lodge
- Caribbean Beach
- French Quarter
- Riverside
- Dolphin

My favourite is the Contemporary. Always has been and always will be.


New Member
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Well-Known Member
for ones that ive stayed at ... i guess shades of green because i havent stayed anywhere else...
but i'd love to stay at the animal kingdom lodge or the grand floridian


My favorite is Port Orleans Riverside. It is so quiet and peaceful there, not to mention the huge food selection. The boat to Downtown Disney is very nice, also (except for the long wait at times).


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Contemporary....and Fort wilderness campgrounds..esp. at xmas cause all the winter people who saty for months in the winter have their sites all decorated.. It is so pretty...

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