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Favourite WDW Resort


Well-Known Member
The Contemporary. Still is.

I'm a DVC member, so we stay at Old Key West. If they ever do DVC addition at Contemporary, I'm all over it.


Wilderness Lodge, hands down. It has very special memories for me. In fact, I'm drinking my coffee from my Wilderness Lodge cup right now! :D


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Poly. Instead of a room I could just pitch a tent somewhere on the property. That would be so fun! The grounds are beautiful.


New Member
I've stayed at :

Animal Kingdom Lodge
Boardwalk Inn
Port Orleans French Quarter (when it was Port Orleans)
Port Orleans Riverside (when it was Dixie Landings)
Pop Century

Of those, my favorite is Boardwalk for location alone.


New Member
I have stayed at:
Corinado (sp?)

Out of those my favorite is AKL. We have stayed there several times.


New Member
I have stayed at many and my favorite is Fort Wilderness because everytime you go on vaction the secenary is always changing. Wether you stay in a cabin or not. Plus transportation to Mk is quick and easy and they have buses to all other parks.


New Member
Here is a list of where I have stayed and my thoughts about them:
Polynesian - My All-Time Favorite, Can't say enough about it.
Contemporary - As long as you are in the tower, it's great. New rooms look AWESOME!!!
Grand Floridian - Too high class for me but VERY beautiful
Wilderness Lodge - Great place, but for money I want the Monorail
Carribbean Beach - Too spread out but nice
Corinado Springs - Too spread out but nicer then Carribbean
All-Star Music - Not even worth it when you have stayed at all of the above.

Of all of the others I would have to say that my favorite resort that I haven't yet stayed at would be Boardwalk. I Love the theme and location and ease of getting around to all places.

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