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Favorite removed DCA stuff

Shigg. W. McGee

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To be real, I did have a real soft spot for Condor Flats. An old dusty airfield would be an interesting location for a land, and the Imagineers tried to make it work, but the plot of land was just too small. Subsuming it into Grizzly Peak was the right decision.

It is my computer's wallpaper, however.
condorflats - Copy.png
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I respect opinions but I'm really curious about the superstar limo one.
Personally of the early 00s DCA stuff, the stuff I miss the most are mainly aesthetic:
Main street electrical parade

CALIFORNIA (luckily it still lives at a museum)

The original look of the pier, I hated pier 2.0s look tbh

This weird fountain that blew everyone's eyes off

The original theming for goofy's sky school

Orange swinger

Golden gate bride (green bridge is ugly)

sunglass dinosaur

pizza oom mow mow

And last, but not least, the best ride soundtrack ever made
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