Extinct attractions


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Osbourne Family Lights :)
DTD in general incl. Comedy & Adventurers Clubs :D
Great Movie Ride :cool:


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Quite apart from the dearly missed classics, I've been hit hard in recent years:
Disney Quest - my main hangout at Springs.
The MK hub - My happy place. The MK really hasn't been the same for me since they replaced its heart for a parking lot.
My kids would solidly agree with you on Disney Quest. They loved it- it was where we went every year for my son's birthday. They're still mad about it being gone.

And I'm with you on the hub. I know why they did it, I completely understand. But I miss the lawns, the grass, and one of the prettiest views of the castle you would ever find in the Rose Garden. :-(
Alien Encounter
Great Movie Ride
Backlot Tour

For those last 2, I think my toddler would have loved them! We brought our 1 year old for the first time last month and he enjoyed strolling through MGM but he couldn't really go on ANYTHING (unless we got a fast pass for TSM, but why waste a day of fast passes on a park where you can only go on one ride...)! Such a shame.

Osborne Family Lights also


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I’ll echo everyone who said Mr Toad, though I actually really enjoy the Pooh ride. So just put it somewhere else.

Runner Up goes to the original version of Journey into Imagination. I really loved that ride.

As for show/parade, probably Spectromagic. We loved it, creepy people riding on those globes and all. I was never impressed with Main Street Electrical though I’d go for any night parade at this point.

Honorable mention goes to River Country. It sure was fun.


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Gimme back my Tomorrow! If You Had Wings, Flight To The Moon, and America The Beautiful. While you are at it rebuild those Entrance Fountains and the Waterfall. Then refurb Carousel of Progress back to the ride it was when when they installed it in Florida. Keep Space Mountain if you have too and even build Tron... it’ll keep the lines shorter for the old rides. I’m Good with that...oh wait tear down eyesore Bay Lake Tower.


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Ellen’s Energy Adventure
Magic of Disney Animation
Cranium Command or Country Bear Christmas Special.


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10,000 leagues (only I would bring it back 20,000)
Ellen's Energy Adventure (not to go on it, just so I could revel in the news it would be removed again)


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See my icon to the left << Horizons of course.
Next attraction would be the sum of all thrills that was innoventions
The show would be the Osborne Lights!!! Boy do I miss that!


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Well if you think about future world..you are right...Id love World of Motion and Horizons back. I do think Frozen is well done. But TT and Mission to mars. is not as good as the previous tenants.
Thats why i love The Land and SSE so much. They are old school disney attractions.
We still love Epcot Center..just like it say in 1990 ish
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