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Expedition Everest effects status watch


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meanwhile at Calico Rapids at Knott's Berry Farm CA. a perfectly working yeti in a cave with no disco ball is fully operational
It's embarrassing when Knotts has attractions that have more magic than Disney. They could've built a fixed Yeti every year by now if they gave a damn.
Are you really trying to compare the two figures? The yeti on Calico River is a limited motion figure at best. It leans forward and moves its head up and down. Not sure how you think the two are in any way comparable.

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FYI, you’re answering a question from 12 years ago. The yeti was also not causing damage to the structure of the mountain. And since it’s a story I’m guessing you’ve read, the yeti can also rather easily be removed from the mountain and has been removed from the mountain in the past without closing the ride.
I thought it was stated the Yeti could not be removed without taking the mountain apart. When has the Yeti ever been removed?


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I am here for my first trip in about 10 years. I feel like the yeti is less visible than before. Maybe the strobe lights were toned down. Honestly, the piles of hair ties that litter the top of Everest bother me more than the disco yeti.

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With not a lot expected to be announced for AK at D23, and the crowds at Pandora likely to begin to start to dissipate as the three new rides come online at HS, what are the chances that they announce a lengthy refurb for Expedition Everest that includes fixing the yeti in time for the 50th? Would certainly garner a lot of cheers from the D23 crowd...


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I might be mis-remembering, but I could have sworn that years ago there were a day or two when the Yeti AA itself was under a scrim/removed during daytime operations, not the third shift. I feel like I remember even seeing an image of the Yeti encounter scene behind a scrim wall... Is my mind just playing tricks on me? @Master Yoda, @marni1971?
I don’t recall a photo but yes it was.


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I don’t recall a photo but yes it was.
Thank you! I'm not losing it! Can I ask additional questions about the actual removal process, if you know it? Like when the AA is removed, do both the figure and sled leave the building? Or are they transported to a lower part of the mountain itself? I'm just trying to imagine what mechanisms are in place to move the figure and its mechanisms short of needing a crane. I'd imagine I would have heard about it if something similar to the elevator in SSE for removing time-machines/equipment were in place.

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In the meanwhile, it's too bad they wouldn't just install a less-impressive-but-moving Garner Holt AA like the ones in the Matterhorn at Disneyland. They're actually quite cool.
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