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Expedition Everest effects status watch


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Dumb question, but isn't the Yeti just a distraction while the change the track? I'd be fine with dark room. Yeah, there's the story part of the ride, but I've never understood the tossing your hair-ties where the tracks end part of the story either...and that's just a distraction for the tracks to change as well. But yeah, that's probably just me.


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The yeti doesn't come in at the track changing point (well, his PROJECTION comes in there). The big yeti is right at the end, just before you go back outside.


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No wonder I never noticed....I'm too busy posing for the ride photo. ;)
This was my experience as well.
The first time I rode EE, I didn't know there was supposed to be a full sized animatronic in there and I thought the screen Yeti was it.
One of my sons told me I missed the AA, and I had to ride the ride again to spot it.

Tom Morrow

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A few times in this thread I've mentioned how the landscaping around the track was changed drastically between 2012 and 2013. Originally the track was lined with tall, skinny trees and bamboo patches, as seen in this video:

The trees appear even fuller in this video, but it isn't as wide of a viewing angle:

In 2012 a harsh and quick decision was made to cut down all of these tall trees for safety reasons. Unfortunately, this meant there were several months where the track was almost barren and void of landscaping. By the end of 2013 it had mostly been replaced by smaller bushes and shrubs. Later, even more were added. After being allowed to grow in, it now looks really good today, perhaps better than it originally did. Those tall skinny trees did add a sense of depth, however.

Here is a modern video (ignore Robb Alvey's obnoxious voice)

I wish I could find a video from the several months were the track was void of landscaping (you could even see the maintenance building easily) but its difficult.


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DAK Yeti is laughable. You fly pass a large static figure in the dark. I wonder how often people notice it is even there anymore. At least at Disneyland, you see Harold moving and acting menacing. Heck even the stupid alligator AA at Shanghai has been working longer than the Yeti.
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