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Expedition Everest effects status watch

JillC LI

Well-Known Member
Everest, ToT, and Rock n Rollercoaster are three of our families favorite rides - outside of classics like Pirates.
If I can give you some advice, if you've only got Everest fastpassed at Animal Kingdom - get there at opening (before actually) and go directly to the Safari before it fills up.
That way you'll hit a major attraction with hopefully little wait, and you will be scheduled for your Everest ride (I'm assuming) after that.
With those two down, you can enjoy your time in the park more.
Don't go directly to Safari if you have any desire to ride FOP without a FP though. Go there first.

1LE McQueen

Well-Known Member
Link? My son has been looking for this video. He rode the original version way back when and wants to show his sister.
I meant I know where in the ride the yeti is lol. Here's some videos that might help, though the train is going to fast for the older cameras to really catch it.



Well-Known Member
Don't go directly to Safari if you have any desire to ride FOP without a FP though. Go there first.
I thought that might be the case after I wrote what I wrote.
Pandora wasn't open on our last trip to WDW - and it kills me that we haven't been back there since. Too many major things needed to be done in the house we moved to 3 1/2 years ago.
So, yes - FOP before Safari.


Well-Known Member
I can't tell if you're kidding or not. Most folks here (me included) think the hairbands are an abomination and should be cleaned up much more frequently than they do now.

Tom Morrow

Well-Known Member
The mountain in Expedition Everest is not Everest, it's "The Forbidden Mountain." But yeah it still kinda fits with the theme, humans not respecting the land. Not excusing the hairbands though, it would be so easy to clean them up once a week and they don't do it.


Active Member
How do they get up there to clean the hairbands? Is there some secret platform they can stand on? Do they have to use a crane?
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