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Very limited offerings, mask and desolation vs heavy crowding and all available offerings..... Hmmmmmm???

Give me pre Corona everyday and 4 times on Thursday.
This is where I am at. Heavy crowds suck but I want to be on vacation. It's like Thanos snapped the finger and took half the people and the magic.


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We never go in the summer, or close to holidays, so I guess we don’t know what crowds really are...

But we’ve been to some pretty busy days and have been at Epcot with low crowds, and AK with very low crowds. Both, very great times


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I don't like the price that has been paid to get us to no crowds (deaths, financial ruin, lost jobs, environmental impact from all this PPE), but spending more time on rides and experiences rather than standing in a 2 or 3 hour line for 8 minutes of fun really is the silver lining in this cloud.


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We have been going a long time and our annual trips used to be early Sept, right after labor day and it was dead. We miss those days so much. The main reason that would compel me to a trip at this time is because of the low crowds.


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This got me thinking... I have never been a fan of parades. I dont like to stand to wait for them, I dont like to have others pushing up on me to try moving into spots, I always had better things to do ( like rides to go on), they dont excite me or give me joy, so I never included them in my park plans. BUT WOW.... I never thought I would ever say I'm missing a good Disney display of a parade. This Carona fiasco has me longing for watching the floats , dancers, characters pass by.
But weve been to Disney when the crowds were low and nothings going to ever make me miss the crowds. Give me a lesser crowded Disney day anytime.

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Call me cooky 🤪 but crowds are part of Disney for me. Not huge crowds, but people in general. It might be nice to have shorter lines like 20 mins on average, but if there were no lines, very few people, and those who are there are faceless... yeah, I'm not going to enjoy it. The rides are a huge part of my enjoyment, but so are the people. I like people... most people anyway. It'd be eerie to have it be silent. Pre-COVID in a thread I've said that when I'm at Disney, I like to take it all in. As I walk down Main Street, I'm absorbing the sights, the crown buzz, etc. It's all part of it for me. Now granted, I like to go in late September when it's cooler, less crowded, and most kids are back in school... except for the kids who have terrible parents who take them out of school to go to Disney. 🤣😁

I also agree wholeheartedly with @Fordlover that I don't like the price that has been paid to reduce crowds. People always complain about the crowds and I used to say they only way to reduce crowds is to raise prices substantially which is obviously another major complaint. I was wrong. This is the other way to reduce crowds, but I'd be aghast if anyone here would say that they're happy the can go now with no crowds. I can understand taking advantage of the reduced crowds, and trying to support Disney during a horrific financial time. That's understandable, but anyone who's happy about this situation is kinda sick.

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I find crowds stressful, even when just navigating the parks. I don't even mind the long waits all that much (to an extent). I just prefer calm, quiet contemplation over a loud, rowdy or even festive atmosphere.

Yes, I know, I picked the wrong hobby for my personality type. :)

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We’re going the week after Thanksgiving and it will definitely be a different Disney experience. I dont think I’ll miss the pandemonium but I will miss walking to Epcot (from YC) for a nightcap.


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the crowds at WDW?

Seriously, I have a trip planned for Thanksgiving holiday week, that is usually always a crazy time, and at first I was like, well, less people will be nice, but masks, worrying about catching COVID, not being able to have a drink and make conversation with folks at a pool bar? Nope, give me the crowds all that come with them over what it is now.
Any other things you thought you might never say, that this crazy COVID has brought about?
I'd take the crowds any day of the week over this nutshow.....we have been to the MK on the 4th of July....I'd even take that crowd.
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