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On past visits I have found a few empty hours to be great, but after a few hours the emptiness feels all wrong. It just starts to feel like some kind of creepy horror movie. An empty Small World is among the weirder attractions. Small World, CoP, and the Tiki Room.

Mind, I used to LOVE the $10 e-ride nights, when you paid $10 for a few hours in a nearly empty park, but then MK was SUPPOSED to be nearly empty. I've also been at WDW when the parks felt too crowded. Like getting stuck in the hub after the fireworks had just ended, and it was too crowded, and people were shoving - NOT good.

Empty walkways aren't too bad, but seeing all the empty queues...the metal rows that are supposed to be full of people, but aren't? Just, all wrong. How do you experience so much empty and NOT think about all the people who have passed away?


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We’ve always gone in September, low crowds and walk ons. I couldn’t bear to go with massive crowds 🤯. Although I would hate to go during this time with social distancing and face masks. Roll on normality! 🙄
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